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Joseph asks…

Can you please suggest me, How can I increase Website Traffic Rank in Alexa?


vernette answers:

Worry about Google rankings, Yahoo, and Bing, etc but I would suggest that you don’t waste a minute on Alexa.

Mary asks… still has not given my website a traffic rank, what should I do? I submitted my website a month ago!? still has not given my website a traffic rank, what should I do? And does anyone know how long it usually takes for alexa to give a traffic rank?
My website is
Please Help… Ive been waiting for more than a month now since I submitted my website to

vernette answers:

Couple things:

Most likely you’re just not getting enough traffic to your site for Alexa to be able to build some stats for you. Another reason is your site hasen’t been around long enough. Alexa doesn’t want to index spammy splash websites that only stay up for a couple of months, so it only looks at sites that have been around for at least a year or so. Another thing might be that you’re using a WordPress site, so maybe it automatically pings back to worpress and indexes that instead of your site. Finally, why do you need to see Alexa rankings? It’s really not that useful because it compared you to all the other sites in the world, so that rank will change every second. Using Google Analytics would be much more beneficial to see where your traffic is coming from and what issues you’re having.

Mark asks…

Can somebody give me tips on how to increase the traffic and page rank of my website?

I had a little trouble on increasing the PR and traffic of my website. I was wondering if somebody can share me ideas on how to solve my problem?

vernette answers:

There are various internet marketing strategies that can help increase the rank of your site. Through SEO and social media marketing techniques, you may be able to drive more traffic to your site.

William asks…

Would like to know how to get website traffic and better page rank.?

I found similiar sites i compare to , credit,, .
How to i get a better page rank?

vernette answers:

Help your customer. Creat usefull quality content for them. You also need incoming links to your site. This is done through forum marketing, and article marketing. There are many other things you can do. First start by researching search engine optimization (seo).

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