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Richard asks…

Where to make this Free website?

I am looking for a good site that allows you to make a free website, to make blogs and podcasts to put on. I don’t want already made websites like blogspot or whatever, I want creating website sites, more geared towards blogs and podcasts.

vernette answers:

You can create a free flash website at:

You can also create a Squidoo Lens.  Google loves Squidoo.

If you host your own website instead of getting a free hosted site like blogger, you can create a free website at hostgator once you set up your hosting account with them.  They are one of the best hosting companies online.  I use Hostgator.


Michael asks…

How should I make my website?

Hey guys, I want to make a website but I’m not sure how to do it.

I want to be able to do the following things:
– Have a blog where I can post information, pictures, and people can post on.
– Accounts that users can register in order to comment on the site.
– A forum, just like any other forum.
– Pages where I can post profile information. is a good example of how I would like the site to look like.

Would I use a website such as wordpress and blogspot? Would I have to make it from scratch with html? Would I have to hire a professional to design such a sight?

vernette answers:

You should use this free forum host :

You don’t install it on your website, but you’ll be able to create a free forum with free hosting. ( A 10 year old can set it up in less than 5 minutes )


There is also a support forum if you need help with your administration panel built in your free forum that you create.

If you want to install a forum on your WordPress blog, you can use any of the plugins recommended on the following blog post:

Steven asks…

How to make a poll for a website?

I need some one to tell me a good poll generator that wil make a simple poll. If you would like an example of what I’m looking for, a poll exactly like the ones on blogspot would be perfect. Thanks to all who help!

vernette answers:

You could try:

Hope this helps

Maria asks…

Making a Website with ads, PLEASE HELP!?

I’m trying find the right ad service for my website to maximize my profit. Right now I’m using google adsense on a blogspot site. As of now I am only making $100 a month with 100k+ hits per month. If this is because of I am using blogspot and not my own domain like i think, let me know for sure.

I am looking to make about 3-5 cents per hit. As of now, the site is a blogspot which is a world of warcraft guide website. If you know a good ad service for me that I could use or tell me how much I can get with google ads with these numbers then that would be great. Also I was thinking of using go daddy for domain and hosting, let me know if there is better for what I should want.

So my main question is, do you know you know of a way where I can reach about 3-5 cents per hit through any kind of ad system?
I hear CJ is more for clicks and purchases instead of traffic. Since I already get high volume traffic wouldn’t it be better to to find one that bases it off traffic?

vernette answers:

This is what your Adgitize Ad would look like:


Hope this helps.

Paul asks…

How do I create my own website/blog, like Perez?

I want to make a website/blog, but I’m not interested in free servers like wordpress or blogspot. I want a type deal.

What’s a good site where I could find helpful information about creating a blog/website. My html is a little rusty and I don’t know all that php-whatever stuff. I would like the blog to look something like the way Perez has his set up.


vernette answers:

You simply first of all register your domain name.  Visit Bust A Name to add your domain name and make sure it’s available.  When you are ready to purchase, you can get your hosting through this site for $7.95.  You get a discount at this site.  If you go through website, you would have to pay about $11 to register a domain name.

Once you setup with this you only need to install BLOG in your domain using your Hosting control panel.

Hostgator is one of the best website host.  I use it:

If you need futher information for this kindly contact me …i’ll help you out 🙂


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