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You Might Be One Paycheck Away From Homelessness…

ShantyShackThe picture below is an example of what “Poverty” looks like in Dominica, West Indies. No, I’m not talking about the Dominican Republic. They are two different countries. Dominica is the beautiful little Caribbean island near to St. Lucia and Guadalupe that my family and I relocated to a year ago. It is the last organic (nature) island left in the Caribbean.

I put the word, “POVERTY” above in quotes for a reason. You see, the woman and child living in this house is wealthier than many middle class Americans. Why would I make such a bold statement?

Well, she has no debt, owns the land and house 100%, never have to worry about paying monthly property taxes, or having her house taken away by foreclosure, eats off her land, and does not need a 9-5 job to survive. All she has to do is sell from her garden when needed, in order to thrive. Yes, the old wooden house need lots of work, but it’s 100% hers and she does not need a lot of “Things” to make her happy.

I am saying all this to say, “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” Having a high income doesn’t make you rich, especially if you have credit card debt, and other debts like car payments and a big mortgage, and no savings or a backup plan. You know what…if this is your situation, then you’re one paycheck away from homelessness. You’re one of millions of the new middle class America. It’s time to create a backup plan and get rid of some of your “Toys.” Change your definition of wealth.

My definition of wealth has changed now that I’m older. It’s no longer having a big beautiful McMansion or that Mercedes Benz. It’s about living a happy, 100% self-sufficient lifestyle, with total FREEDOM from “Big brother.” What is your definition of wealth? BTW, would you live in an old wooden home like this if you could own it 100%?

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