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Writers Wanted – Where To Find Writing Jobs

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writers wanted where to find writing jobsWriters Wanted | web writing jobs


Are you a good writer who has no clue as to where you can find good writing jobs online? It’s best to start out with freelance gigs and then establish yourself.

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Writers Wanted – Where To Find Writing Jobs …. 

New York Times Editorial / Writing Jobs

Browse or search editorial and writing jobs from The New York Times including editing & proofreading jobs, journalism jobs and translation/interpretation jobs.

Below is an article that I found on ezinearticles by Sean R. Mize: Article Writing Jobs – Where To Find And How To Win Them. Enjoy!

Article Writing Jobs – Where to Find and How to Win Them

By Sean R Mize

This article is for freelance article writers who have no clue as to where they can find article writing jobs that they can work on. In here, I will not only tell you the best places to go but I will also share some tips that can help you increase your chances of getting the projects that you want, so you better read on!

Find article writing jobs. First step is to Google search the phrase “article writing jobs.” In seconds, you’ll get hundreds if not thousands of websites that are paying people to write articles for them. Before you sign up, make sure that you do your research first. You need to know if these websites are reputable and if they’re really paying their contributors. Search the name of the site and you’ll surely find feedbacks from their users on forums and blogs. Of course, you would want to sign up with those article writing websites that have proven track record in paying on time.

Freelancing sites. You’ll also be able to find a lot of article writing projects on freelancing sites. These sites are gaining popularity these days as they make it easier for buyers and freelancers to find each other. Again, do your research before you sign up. You would want to choose a freelancing site that offer security features for their service providers and those that are charging reasonable amount of money for commissions on each project that you win.

Get hired. It’s relatively easy to get hired by article writing websites. People behind these websites will usually give you a test article. If they’re impressed with your writing skills, you can easily start right away. What I suggest is that you put your best foot forward when writing your sample copies. Ensure that your grammar is perfect and that your articles are very informative and content-rich. Also, make your articles easy to understand and easy on the eyes. In order to ensure long term business relationship with your new employers, make it a point to deliver the articles on time.

Win writing projects on freelancing sites. Here’s the truth; winning good-paying article writing projects on freelancing sites can be very difficult especially for beginners. This is because you’ll be going up against a lot of freelancers and some of them have already proven their talent in this field. However, you’ll get a great shot at convincing buyers to do business with you if you can prove to them that you can offer better articles compare to your competitors. When placing your bid, attach sample articles that are simply impressive. Then, charge a bit lower. Most buyers will appreciate it if they can save at least $1/article. It will also help if you offer them with unlimited revisions. This will give your buyers a guarantee that they’ll get exactly the kind of articles they need should they decide to hire you.


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