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Telephone Answering Services from home is another new, popular, market place in the work at home arena. Many are looking to Answer Phones, process rebates, type from home or do simple data entry from the comfort of their home. I think this particular market place is important to a group of people with the skill sets that fit this particular niche in the market. You can see the searches made on a daily basis for phrases like answer calls from home, work at home telephone, call agent, call agent/work at home and work from home call center. This is just a few of the many searched done on a daily basis. The number of people working from home daily grows significantly all times of the year but particularly around the holidays. After all this time of year reminds us of how nice it is to enjoy life, time with our family and the wonderful relaxation of not having to go to work. For a few days to a week people normally force themselves to live the American Dream. There are many Phone Answering programs on the Internet, but only one, in my opinion, deserves serious consideration. You really have to do your research to avoid joining one of the bad ones. The particular company offers jobs in the following areas: Customer service using online chat, assisting users searching the web through chat, taking call center calls at home (all you need is a phone line and computer), writing content for our online advertisers so they may post this content and include their advertisements, developing a blog where an advertiser will post new ads every day and pay you for it, general customer service through email (you will be fully trained and will refer to the proprietary help system to assist the customer), data entry (for merchants looking to run reports on their sales, process orders and run the back end operations), document translation services (if you are bilingual), researching, transcription services and many others. My suggestion is that you use a website like mine, but not necessarily mine, that has a specific page where researched programs are highlighted or be prepared to do a lot of research. Once you find and join a program it will require some work at home. It will take some time and effort to be successful.While researching programs I found one decent Phone Answering Service Company and another 3-5 rebate processors, good data entry or typing programs. When I looked for legitimate programs I want companies that I feel will give my customer’s a good product, training, and step-by-step guidance that would help them be successful. As an online web site owner I use my customer’s feedback to help ensure they stay that way. Time changes all programs. The good programs will adapt to the changing environment. The feed back from the visitors and customer’s of my site is essential for me so that I can ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs and offering a good product. In summary there are some very good programs available to choose from. You will have to do your research, choose the top program that matches your skill sets and incom

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