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Would you like to earn a living from your computer as a General Transcriptionist, Customer Service Rep, Cartoonist, Online Tutor, Online teacher, Remote Bookkeeper, Paralegal, Proofreeder, Autocad Draftsman, etc? Check out Vernette Carbon’s Amazing Work At Home Secrets below!

AmazingWorkAtHomeSecretsGIF1Final2I was online looking for information on a caribbean cruise. I decided to use to gather more info. After calling, I was routed to Vacation Outlet where I was connected to an operator called Kari. She was very upbeat and had such positive energy that it transcended through the telephone.

We spoke for a while and she gave me information on several cruises on different cruise ships that I should consider. She then told me that she is so happy because she is working from home as a customer service representative helping customers like me. So I told her that I work from home too for the past 15 years and wanted to know more about how she got the job of working from home answering customer inquiries for vacation outlet.

So I did some research on the company as usually, making sure that it is 100% legit before bringing you this information. Following is a post from another website that I found regarding the company that Kari works for. I found lots of other info on this company.

This post is going to be a brief rundown of World Travel Holdings — a company that hires customer service representatives to work from home answering inbound calls. Most of what I have read about World Travel Holdings is good. The company has been around for 25 years. The company is also reputable.

What exactly does a customer service representative do for World Travel Holdings?

Mostly you are booking and confirming vacation reservations. You may also handle customer inquiries as well. Calls are all inbound, and some sales may be involved. There is room for advancement within the company.

How much does World Travel Holdings pay their home workers?

Customer car reps get $11 an hour. You are additionally hired as an employee — not an independent contractor. This means you are eligible for lots of benefits, including 401K, health benefits, and some paid time off. You will be trained for six weeks before you start working, and training is completely paid. Payments are made every two weeks.

What are the requirements for the job?

You need at least six months of past sales experience and also a high school diploma or GED. Some basic computer/typing skills are also a must. You need to be able to provide a quiet background while you work and successfully pass a background check. You will have to take an assessment test to be considered for the position, and I am hearing that this is a very difficult test!

How does the schedule work?

World Travel Holdings needs you to work full time. They do not have part time positions available. This means 35-45 hours per week, and your schedule is determined by World Travel Holdings. You might also have to work on weekends and holidays. If you have a preferred schedule in mind, they will try to accommodate you if it all possible, but it isn’t always possible.

What are the technical requirements?

Most companies just tell you what you need to do the job, but World Travel Holdings actually ships you a computer if you are hired that already has their software, etc. installed on it. Some other things you need are a headset, microphone, and possibly a printer and fax machine, although it says the printer and fax are optional.

Anyway, at first I thought it was fantastic that they ship you a computer — until I found out that you are expected to pay for it! Apparently the cost of the computer is about $500 and they deduct $100 out of your first five paychecks until it is paid for. But apparently you get the $500 refunded to you after you quit or get fired and ship the computer back to them. So … you’ll just have to decide on your own about that, if that’s something you’d be OK with.

What do people say about World Travel Holdings?

Most people like them and say they are a great company. I would suggest reading this thread on the Work Place Like Home forum. Lots of people there had good things to say about World Travel Holdings.

If you would like to go ahead and apply, you can visit this page for more details. You will have to select “At Home” under search locations to get the link for the home jobs. World Travel Holdings also has Travel Professional positions available in addition to Customer Care Representative, but I believe the Travel Pro job is commission only.


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