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Who Else Wants To Work From Home As A Writer

Can you write really well or would like to become a writer? Why not write articles, e-books, emails for website owners and other business owners online and even offline.

I also highly recommend a career in copywriting. Great copy writers often demand anywhere from $5,000+ for one sales copy. I know a copywriter that charges $11,000 for each sales letter that he writes for businesses. Sometimes he charges more.

Sales letter copywriters are some of the highest paid professionals online. If you can write a sales letter like this, you can earn six-figures and work from anywhere in the world.

You can also create videos like the Rogue Persuasion video and charge at least $2000 to create one of these videos for businesses. The Rogue Persuasion course is an awesome copywriting course that can take you to the six-figure income that you dream of.

If you take a copywriting course in college, it would cost you thousands of dollars. You can train to become a professional copywriter and start your own copywriting business for under $400. There is high demand for this type of service online and offline. You would never be out of a job with this career choice.

However, if you are a great writer and just want a writing job, ghostwriting job or an article writing job then I would like to show you in the video below how to go about doing that.

Why not have people contact you for writing jobs? Show the world what you’ve got. Set up a profile a ezdia.

Start A Career In Copywriting Today:

Find copywriting and writing jobs on the following websites:

Here Are some more:
Essays and resume writers wanted

Get paid to write essays you can also sell your old essays
Jobs for skilled writers, editors, graphic designers, indexers. Please fill out online application.

There are many local magazine and community newspapers that hire freelancers to write articles. You might be asked to do short pieces that could bring in anywhere from $20 to $50 a piece, or even more.

You can write short articles, stories, etc., to Reader’s Digest. You don’t really need experience to write for Reader’s Digest. As long as you have some skills in writing you can do this. Check out Reader’s Digest official site at

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