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We Need To STOP Being So Damn STUPID!!

I thought I’d share this article with you as so many people are not listening to me when I tell them to stock up on basic daily necessities because the US dollar seems to be heading for a crash…whether it’s in the next 2-5 years, it’s almost eminent.

I’ve spoken to people who literally laugh in my face and say I’m a conspiracy theorist. I’m not. I bring “Conspiracy facts.” Well that’s what I would call it. I do my own research. I never take what someone says without researching myself.

My mom always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Well mom, I’m going to disobey right now. Here goes… “We NEED to STOP being so Damn STUPID.”

You can’t go wrong by stocking up. If the economy bounces back and does not crash…awesome…you would be a step ahead anyway. Always have at least 6 months reserves whether it’s money or basic necessities.

food shortage 2012
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Stock up on water too. I highly recommend distilled water. By the way, by a great water filter too just in case. My family and I are going back to basic…pretty much planning on “Living off the grid.” I will share my experiences via video once we make that big move. Again, check out the article below and stock up!

I received the following article from Off The Grid News. I’ve subscribed to their newsletter and usually receive some really great information on the economy from them. They usually steer you in the right direction as to what to invest in. Great newsletter that I highly recommend. Go head…check out the article below and read it in its entirety.

America’s Economy Is In Deep Trouble?

I don’t need Money News to tell me that America’s economy is in trouble. I don’t need the Wall Street Journal to tell me about unemployment figures and I don’t need the Center for Economic and Policy Research to tell me that my money doesn’t go as far as it once did or that the equity in my house is down 33% over the last five years.

All I have to do is take a trip to the local Walmart.

The first thing you notice is the dwindling stock on the shelves… which is a pretty good assessment of our economy’s health, as far as I’m concerned. And have you noticed the packaging? Everything is smaller. They try to sneak it in with fun little euphemisms like “portion size” and “more compact.” My favorite is “less fat” or “less calories per serving.” They shrink the package, then shrink the portion sizes. Voila! Instantly diet-friendly.

The problem is, the only thing losing weight is my checkbook.

I used to complain about $100 grocery trips. Now I’m whining about $150 to $200 grocery store trips that bring home less food than ever. Before you know it, a wheelbarrow full of money will barely be able to buy a loaf of bread. It’s like an inevitable progression from bad to worse.

But do you know what the most telling portent about our economic vulnerability is? At least to me? The canning aisle.

My garden has produced rather well this year. I’ve been putting up vegetables like crazy, and have started to run out of jars. A few days ago I had my husband run to Walmart to pick me up a “case or two” of pint wide-mouth jars for the wax beans. I told him they’d run about $6 to $7 a case.

There were none. And not only were there none, they cost $9.29 a case. He checked at all the Walmarts, Lowes, Dollar General, and everywhere else he could think about and came up dry. Obviously these folks had only ordered a case or two and hadn’t bothered to restock, I thought.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Walmart gets a shipment of jars every day from their central warehouse. By noon, they’re gone. The girl stocking the shelves at one of the stores in my town told me they’ve had to break up fights between people over canning jars. Lowes is restocking constantly and still can’t keep their shelves with adequate stock.

I was going to be a smarty pants. I headed for my computer and thought quite smugly that I’d just order them online. I went first to Amazon, because after all, traditionally, Amazon is cheaper than most everyone else on everything. And since I have Amazon Prime, I could probably get the jars here in two days, no sweat.

Oh they had pint-sized wide-mouth jars all right… for $17.62 a case! My bottom lip hit the floor with a thud and I about fell out. $17.62 a case? What in the world was going on?

It’s the economy, just like I said. More and more people are beginning to see the signs of the times and have decided that a garden and Mason jars are a pretty wise investment. Folks are beginning to read their pocketbooks like a gypsy fortune teller reads tea leaves, and they don’t like what they’re seeing. What about you?

Can you read the signs of the times?

If you’re having a hard time discerning these things, then you need the book Rising Prices Empty Shelves: Warning Signs That Triggered The Deadliest Famines In History to understand what exactly is going on with our economy. Please don’t think the study of what has gone on before is not worth your time.
It is. As George Santayana said so eloquently, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And the fact is, there have been (and are) highly reliable “shortage” signals throughout history that can tell us exactly where we’re headed in the here and now.

Our food system is already a complex, fragile thing. “Just in time” logistics keeps only three days of food on grocery store shelves… if everything is ticking along normally. One cry of impending disaster and the food is off the shelves in 30 minutes. The distance our food travels to get from farm to table is also another weak link in the food supply chain. One disruption and we could have major food shortages in no time flat. And then to top it all off, we have agribusiness constantly tinkering with the genetics of our food.

How Can You Spot The Food Shortage Trends Emerging in America?

We live in the information age. With just one click of the button we can get information from anywhere in the world. However, you may not know what to look for in the news, and it would be easy to miss real signs and signals that can help guide your way. That’s where Rising Prices Empty Shelves comes in.

This book is broken up into four sections. Parts one and two cover the history and cause of famines. Once you’re aware of those patterns that triggered food shortages in the past, you’ll become a modern Nostradamus in predicting those famine cycles today.

Part three of the book details the deadliest modern threats to our food supply. Those threats include our very own government, Big Ag, and Big Pharma. All these have arisen in the last 60 years.

And in part four, you’re given specific key steps to protect you and your family from the coming food crisis.

For instance, you’ll learn:

  • The most dangerous people that you’ll need to protect your children from during a mass famine… and they’re not bandits, gangs, soldiers, or even your neighbors.
  • The seven key factors that caused the decline and fall of the Roman Empire… and which ones have occurred in the United States, and which ones are about to happen.
  • The one thing that government has actually paid $1.3 billion dollars to stop production of since 1914 and the results of that campaign that has reduced this valuable resource by 94%!

In Rising Prices Empty Shelves you’ll learn exactly what you need to prepare for a food crisis. Among other things, you’ll learn how to develop a “survival network” of trusted, loyal, and reliable people to support each other during the coming food shortages. You’ll learn how much food you must stockpile, how often to rotate supplies, and the way to begin your own “stealth” garden, one that you will have to hide from looters and thieves… and possibly your own government.

How much potable water do you need? What kind of seeds should you buy? What types of caches should you be stocking? And in a worst case scenario… how do you live off the land, the way our ancestors did a century ago? Are you prepared to defend yourself? What mistakes should you avoid in order to keep your emergency supplies? How do you stay off the radar?

These and many other questions are answered in Rising Prices Empty Shelves. The signs are out there. They may be subtle, or they may be as blatant as the lack of canning jars on the shelves in Walmart. Either way, you must learn to read and discern what they mean.

Click here to order your copy of Rising Prices Empty Shelves today, and prepare yourself and your family for the coming food crisis that is threatening to engulf our country.

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Is The US Dollar Going To Crash?

Food Shortage 2012

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