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These Sexy Shoes Were Made for Making Bucks Online

Are you one of the millions of women who wears a different pair of shoes for each outfit?  Well, you’re in for a treat today.

Take a look at all the beautiful shoes on this page.  If you are hearing the words, “Buy me,” being whispered loud and clear in your ear right now…click on any of the pictures and shoe-shop until you drop.  This is what I call, “Obeying your inner voice”…LOL!

I’m one of the few women who are not obsessed with shoes.  Weird huh.  It seems like every woman I know go “Crazy” over a great, sexy, 3-inch pair of shoes.  I can’t even walk in 3-inch heals.  I was trying to be cute several months ago when I decided to purchase some sexy 3-in heals to wear to a baby shower in Brooklyn New York.

I thought I was going to die in those damn shoes.  If you’ve been to Brooklyn New York you already know how difficult it is to find a parallel parking space on the side of the road. - Free 2nd Day Shipping

Well, we were not fortunate enough to find a parking space close to our venue, and had to walk several blocks to get there.  Oh My God!!!  I thought I must have grown corns and bunions on every toe.  I was grateful to a friend at the baby shower who had a pair of Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats in her purse.

This was the first time I heard about shoes that women carry around in their purses.

Below is a video of  a similar shoe to the one that almost made me fall flat on my face. My shoes are a little nicer though. The same shoes in the video, but my shoes have straps that wrap around my legs and then I tie it in a bow midway up my legs…really cute.

Posing In 6-Inch Heal Shoes



I bought my shoes online from a friend on my Facebook page.  She sells lots of shoes daily on Facebook.  You can actually earn a good living selling shoes online on Facebook, ebay, etc. You can also upload video reviews to Youtube like the one above and earn a commission for every shoes you sell for any online shoe business that offers an affiliate program.

So with all of this said, I would like to share with you an article by an ehow contributor, “How to make money selling shoes on eBay.”

 How to Make Money Selling Shoes on eBay



By eHow Contributor

eBay is a great place to sell shoes. You can sell new shoes or used shoes. And if you sell them the right way, you can really earn some decent extra money! I’ve sold lots of shoes on eBay. Below are some tips I’ve learned along the way.

If you decide to sell shoes on eBay, please see the other article in the resource section for tips on where to get the shoes you are going to sell!

TAKE GOOD PHOTOS — It’s hard to buy something that you can’t really see. Make sure you take photos from all angles. If the shoe is used you may even want to take a photo of the sole to show how scuffed it is.

GIVE MEASUREMENTS — Don’t just give a size. People can’t try on the shoe so they need measurements. Place a tape measure inside the shoe and state the actual length of the inside of the shoe from the toe to the heel.

Also give the width at the widest part of the shoe and the height of the heel.

STATE THE BRAND — If the shoe has a brand by all means say so! But you don’t have to sell only brand name shoes. There is a market out there for all types of shoes.

GIVE BUYERS IDEAS — Don’t think anyone wants grandma’s chunky heels from 1950? Think again! Old shoes are great for Halloween costumes. So say that in your auction!

DON’T SHOW FEET — Take photos of only the shoes. And if you are selling sandals, never put them on a bare foot. eBay has been known to take down auctions with bare feet because they assume you are catering to those with a foot fetish.

To view this original article click here.

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If you put some of those shoes on, you can stand out in the crowds. Love it!

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