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How to Become a Travel Writer – Get paid to travel

 While looking for videos on “How To Become A Travel Writer, I found these two below. I thought I’d share the two following videos with you….enjoy!   How to become a travel writer…Are you a great writer and considering becoming a travel writer?  Maybe you haven’t even started your writing career yet.  Well, below is an article I picked up from e-how that explains very briefly how to become a travel writer.  As awesome as it may sound…”Get paid to write,” it will take a lot of time, dedication, and persistence.  It’s a great career choice though.     Besides, “How To Become A Travel Writer” Here is something else that might interest you.. Get paid to film holidays Here is a video on the subject:   If you are ready for the challenge and you’re ready to become a travel writer, let’s get started. Check out the article below from e-how on how to become a travel writer.   How to Become a Travel Writer  Being a travel writer means being paid to travel and to explore all corners of the world while bringing freshly written stories to readers worldwide. But as romantic as a career as a travel...