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Your Washing Machine Is Spying On You…WTH??

Everything Is Spying On You Now this is absurd. Wow! What the hell is going on? Yes, if you have a newer washing machine, dryer, etc…they can be secretly spying on you. Although there are many spying tools out there, it does not give the government the right to create everyday appliances that can be secretly spying on us in our homes. Can this be really true? Washing Machine Spying?It seems like I’m running into more and more madness every single day. You know what makes this all really, really sad…the every-day news like CNN, Fox, etc do not mention most of these true outrageous things that the public should know. I had my mouth opened when I started reading the article that follows the video. What next? Don’t believe any of this? Check out the video and article below and see for yourself. Do your own research on this subject. Whatever I publish on this site, make sure you do your own research at all times. Please don’t believe me without doing that. Check out the article below: Everything Is Spying On You Paul Joseph Watson Monday, March 26, 2012 George Orwell was merely scratching the surface with telescreens...