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New Moms Turn Their Strollers Into A Fitness Machine

Fitness For Moms Click The Pic! I stumbled up The following article from the Maui Times. It’s a pretty interesting “Fitness for moms,” Franchise which helps new moms gain a full fitness workout while strolling with their babies. Who would have thought that one could actually make a good living…a great business out of this. Check out the video below for more info. ___________________________________________________ If you’re a mom and have ever considered owning a franchise, this might be a good one to consider. It’s great for mommy and lots of fun for baby. Whether you are a new mom or not, check out the article from the Maui Times below. As I always say…ENJOY! _______________________________________________________________________ New Maui Businesses Give New Moms a Strollercise Fitness Plan May 17, 2012 | 07:39 AM Cailin Goodier and Tracy Ruggiero have opened a new fitness business aimed at moms. It’s called Stroller Strides of Maui. The franchise is one of the largest growing fitness businesses in the nation and is recognized by Entrepreneur magazine. It operates more than 1,200 locations in the US. Stroller Strides of Maui is operating three days a week in Kihei on Hope Chapel’s campus. Classes are Thursday and Friday...