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Specialty Cakes In Philadelphia….. e-BusinessMoms Featured Business Owner

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specialty cakes in philadelphia

Specialty Cakes In Philadelphia

Creations By Mila

Have you ever considered starting your own specialty…custom cake decorating business? You can start a custom cake decorating business from your kitchen.  In some states, special licensing may apply for any home based food businesses.  It would vary from state to start.  So make sure you check on the requirement before you decide to take the plunge and start a specialty cake decorating business.  It’s a great business as the product is in high demand for wedding, baby showers, birthday parties, etc.  The cakes can cost anywhere from $100 – $250 and more per cake.
specialty cakes in philadelphiaOn September 23, 2011 my hubby walked into our kitchen with the absolutely beautiful specialty cake to the left. It was from our neighbor. It was actually a surprise. We were not expecting a cake. I had no clue that she made specialty cakes. Getting this made my day even brighter. If you could only see me…I was smiling from ear to ear.  It was such a nice gesture.

I LOVE cake, but I did not want to cut this one. It was too beautiful to cut. My hubby was the one to take a “Whack” at it since I didn’t want to cut it. It was chocolate raspberry. I absolutely loved it. My family loved it. So today I’d like to introduce you to CREATIONS BY MILA...Specialty Cakes In Philadelphia.  They can create a beautiful cake like this for you…for your special occasion.

specialty cakes in philadelphia


They really care about the products they sell. Creations By Mila specialize in cakes with handmade gum paste and fondant toppings. This means that everything on the cakes are edible.

If you live in the Philadelphia metro area…looking for specialty cakes in Philadelphia, ebusinessmoms highly recommend CREATIONS BY MILASpecialty Cakes In Philadelphia.


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If you would definitely like to start a custom…specialty cake business, following is some information from Karen Barnes.

Starting a Custom Cake Decorating Home Based Business

Karen Barnes, Yahoo! Contributor Network

As many of us know, ordering decorated cakes from the grocery stores or specialty cake shops are expensive. The more people you plan to feed, the larger the cake, and the price will become higher.

The prices of decorated cakes are based on the price per piece of cake per person. The size of a sheet cake is to serve cake proportionately per person is a one inch by one inch square. Wedding cakes are served on a one inch to one and half inch slice per person. An experienced cake decorator can elaborate more on the exact specifics of how the cakes are cut and served.

Anyone who has taken cake decorating classes or has experience in decorating cakes, can start their own home based cake decorating business. The more experience you have creates a wider market appeal. For those who are starting out with little experience can offer their services to family and friends to get their foot in the door for a home cake decorating business.

Before taking on paying cake decorating jobs, make sure that you know what you are doing. The nicer the cake looks upon presentation for the event that you decorated the cake for, the more people will ask about who decorated the cake. This can lead you to more cake decorating business.

You will need a work area in your home that has ample space to bake and decorate the cakes. You will need ample counter space for mixing and cooling cakes, enough room for various colors of frostings, and to decorate the cakes.

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Specialty Cakes In Philadelphia

Specialty Cakes In Philadelphia

Specialty Cakes In Philadelphia


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