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PlayBig Online By Using Social Networking For Marketing Your Business

Using Social Networking For Marketing…   PlayBig Online Marketing    e-BusinessMoms is proud to introduce you to our newest “Featured Business,” PlayBig Online Marketing.  Play Big Online Marketing helps business owners grow their business using social networking for marketing via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Candy is the owner of PlayBig Online Marketing. Candy has several strategies that can help any business incorporate Social Media with their current marketing. She is extremely passionate about her business. In the article below, Candy Sugarman tells us a little bit about herself, and how she got started as an entrepreneur. _________________________________________________________________ PlayBig Online By Using Social Networking For Marketing Your Business _________________________________________________________________ I hadn’t planned to be an entrepreneur; for me it was something that I didn’t know I wanted to do until I was already doing it. I grew up and lived in Southern California for most of my life. After 9/11 everything changed.  In just one year, I was laid off, got married, moved across the country to North Carolina leaving my friends and family behind, and waved good-bye to my husband as he deployed to a war zone. To make myself more marketable in my new state, I earned my real...
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Internet Marketers – Stop The “Join Me,” Crap

I am so tired of Internet Marketers shoving their business opportunities in my face.  This happens so much on Facebook and Twitter that I can’t keep up with it.  Why in the world would you just befriend someone and then try to recruit them?  That is such a major turn off. The sad thing is most people in this business are truly “Ugly,” and they don’t even know it. Why in the world would I say that? Well because too many times I see the words, “Join me!” in my email box from Facebook, Twitter, etc. No!!  I don’t want to “Join you.”  That’s sheer ugliness.  It’s not about getting people to join your opportunity or fighting to get people to follow you, it’s all about branding yourself. Branding yourself is so important.  People don’t join networks, buy from marketers, blog owners they don’t know.  You have to get out there and talk to people.  Find out what people want.  Share your life story.  Let them see that you are human just like them.  Show them that you care.  Give them free valuable information.  People don’t want to be sold.  I know I don’t want to be. Don’t be a...