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Toy Rental Business – Why You Should Start An Online Rent-A-Toy Business

  Toy rental business?  Really? Those were the two questions that I asked myself after discovering that rent a toy businesses exists online.  My next question to myself was, “Why in the world would anyone want to give a toy to their child that has been used by thousands of other kids?”  Well you will find the answer to that question as you continue reading this post. If you were to ever visit my home you would know right away that I have a small child.  Actually, he is five years old. The amount of toys that my little man has laying around his play area would quickly give us away. No matter how many toys he has and gets, he always wants more and more.  He gets bored with toys very quickly.  Toys, toys, and more toys.  His dad and I promised ourselves that we would never buy any more toys for him because he has too much, but we always end up buying more.  If you are a parent of young children, I bet you can identify with me. Well you know what, there are parents who have a solution to this issue…children getting bored with their toys...