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Discover The AMAZING Work At Home Secrets Of A Former Desperate Housewife…

By: ebusinessmom Category: Work From Home Careers

After the birth of my first son, a little over 15 years ago, I became a desperate housewife. I was desperate just to find a home based job to supplement my husband’s income. I spent so much time, so many hours, so much money buying into scams online and I almost gave up my search. However, that little voice within said, “Keep on searching Vernette. You will find.” And you bet I did. My first job was that of an independent contractor working for Fortune 500 companies as a customer service representative.

Since then, over the past 15 years, I’ve dabbled with so many home based opportunities…some great and some undesirable. There is an abundance of online opportunities out there. You just have to know where to find them, and how to position yourself to obtain them. Remember there are millions of people with the desire to work from home that you have to compete with. So it is very important that you stand out above the crowd. I have mastered what I call the, “Work at home” dilemma, and I share a boatload of my experience, tips, and strategies to earning a living from home in as little as 24 – 48 hours from now…I’m talking steady income from almost anywhere in the world. Check out my video below for more info:


Can’t Find Homebased Work? Here Are Three Reason Why…

By: vernette Category: Work From Home Careers

Have you ever subscribed to a free daily or weekly job leads newsletter, received free work at home job leads weekly or daily, but still cannot acquire homebased work?

Well, most website owners offering free work at home job leads do not tell you the following three things that can affect your chances of landing a home based job or independent contract. Before signing up on any website to receive free job leads you need to know these three things.

1. Outdated Job leads

If you are receiving job leads once a week or even twice a week, your job leads would be outdated before you even get them. Remember, in the work at home jobs market, there are millions more job seekers than jobs available. So you must stand out above the crowd.

So the chances of one of these jobs being available two, three, or more days after they are posted is every slim. With daily job leads there are bigger advantages, but do not get happy too soon, because receiving daily job leads does not mean that you are going to quickly acquire homebased work either. Here is why.

If you do not have a specialized skill, one that is in high demand with a low supply of workers like graphic designer, cartoonist, bookkeeper, legal transcriptionist, etc…it would take a longer time to find homebased work whether you have daily leads or not. If you have no skills whatsoever, you can try article writing which is in high demand. You can also try freelancing.

You are pretty much self-employed but there are always temporary jobs to bid on. Some temporary jobs can become full time based on the needs of the employer and whether they like your work or not. You can join free-to-bid sites like Odesk and use Allfreelance to find other free resources.

2. Large mailing lists

Larger websites can afford to pay workers to find legit leads on a daily basis, which is what they do. Despite getting daily job leads, which is great, just remember that these extremely Large websites also have large mailing lists. This means that 10,000 and more people are receiving those same leads. It’s just good to know what you are up against.

3. “Copy and paste” outdated leads

Many sites borrow from other sites. So what they do is search the internet for other work at home job sites and, copy jobs and then send them to their mailing list. These jobs are usually outdated.

Whenever you subscribe to a free job lead newsletter it means that the website owner is making money other ways in that newsletter, which is quite okay. Each site has to make money somehow, mainly via advertisements in the job leads newsletter. It costs money for hosting, and to have workers go out and find the daily leads, etc. There are also lots of other expenses associated with running a website.

You can also search for jobs and receive them just as they are posted on various job sites.

Well you might be thinking, “That is way too much work, and I don’t have the time.” Well yes, it is a lot of work to browse the internet job boards looking for legit homebased work. Not only is it a lot of work, but you would have to know which job listings are scams or not.

Without experience, you can end up being taken for a ride multiple times. Legit websites offering free leads spend the time to carefully pick jobs that are not scams. So despite the disadvantages, that advantage alone is worth its weight in gold. No matter what anyone tells you, you don’t have to pay for work at home job leads.

So here’s the deal. You can find home based jobs on autopilot. Just set it and forget it and come back to a list of job leads. You can set up email alerts on sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, and Alertpedia.

Then your next step would be to craft a “Killer” cover letter and resume. This way you find the jobs on a daily basis ahead of most of your competition and apply using a cover letter that potential employers can’t refuse. The only caution in going this route is that for every 25-30 job posting there is only one legit job. Some scam offers ask that you send in a resume too. So keep that in mind.

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