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The 16 Best Part-Time Jobs With Benefits – Updated for 2012

Below is an article by Emily Guy Birken.  I received this article via email and thought it would be something that might interest you or someone you know…part time jobs with benefits.   If there is someone that you think would benefit from this article, please forward this link to them so that they can take a look at this.  Thank you. The 16 Best Part-Time Jobs With Benefits – Updated for 2012 by EMILY GUY BIRKEN Working part-time can really improve your work/life balance, and can provide you with the time you need to write that novel, spend time with your kids, or explore your passion for making artisan cheese. But what will you do without the insurance you receive through your employer? It’s possible to get individual health insurance, but that is usually limited or comes with a huge price tag. We’ve all heard the horror stories of families and individuals bankrupted by medical bills. And the only way to keep your employer health coverage is to remain employed full-time, right? Not necessarily. While not all companies are willing to extend their benefits packages to employees who work less than 25 hours per week, many forward-thinking businesses recognize the value...