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MLM Coach – Home Based Business Success Story

MLM Coach – Sue Seward e-Businessmoms would like to introduce Sue Seward as our featured business today. She has been marketing online for over 14 years . Sue is a successful MLM coach. Below is a series of questions we asked Sue about her business. This can help you start your own MLM coaching business too. If you need an MLM coach, Sue is the one to contact. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you did before you started your e-business. Well I worked mainly in sales and marketing and decided when my first child was getting ready to go into kindergarten that I wanted to stay home with him. I ended up having another child a few years later that was born premature and took a lot of care so I never went back to work outside the home. That was in 1990 and I’ve been home with my kids ever since. My second son is fine, he’s 9 now, very healthy and big! Can you tell us a bit about your ebusiness. I’m a network marketer, Internet Business Consultant and trainer. What I do is teach people how to set up their own ecommerce...