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We Need To STOP Being So Damn STUPID!!

I thought I’d share this article with you as so many people are not listening to me when I tell them to stock up on basic daily necessities because the US dollar seems to be heading for a crash…whether it’s in the next 2-5 years, it’s almost eminent. I’ve spoken to people who literally laugh in my face and say I’m a conspiracy theorist. I’m not. I bring “Conspiracy facts.” Well that’s what I would call it. I do my own research. I never take what someone says without researching myself. My mom always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Well mom, I’m going to disobey right now. Here goes… “We NEED to STOP being so Damn STUPID.” You can’t go wrong by stocking up. If the economy bounces back and does not crash…awesome…you would be a step ahead anyway. Always have at least 6 months reserves whether it’s money or basic necessities. Click Pic For More Info Stock up on water too. I highly recommend distilled water. By the way, by a great water filter too just in case. My family and I are going back to basic…pretty much...
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Is The US Dollar Going To Crash? “I Go To Bed Dreaming Of Another Recession”

Is The US Dollar Going to Crash?  Maybe.  Maybe not. No…I’m not the one who goes to bed dreaming of another recession. This is actually a quote from a stock market trader in one of the videos I embedded below entitled, “BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth.” Well, while many people are asking the question, “Is the US dollar going to crash” the young man in that video is actually looking forward for the dollar to crash so that he can make money…all in the name of money. Money is an illusion. Maybe one day soon we will all learn that. I have certainly learned that lesson. I see life in a whole new way…less material and more of loving me and loving everyone around me…even the people I would prefer not to love…seriously. The following video is my answer to the question, “Is the US dollar going to crash?” So the question is being asked over and over again, “What will happen in 2012? Is the US dollar going to crash? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. Will it all come to an end or will a new cycle begin? I can feel the energy of big change coming…a new cycle...