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Natural Cancer Cures And The Lies That Big Pharma Tell

  Is There A Forbidden Natural Cancer Cure Conspiracy? Check out the information below and you be the judge. My Son Holding A Sea Almond – Cancer Treatment According to the US Census, cancer is the 2nd largest killer in the US, but most of those people die from treatment, not cancers. Pharmaceutical drugs are the 4th largest killer. The US has the most dangerous and yet most expensive medical system in the world. It causes 60% of all US bankruptcies. However, in my opinion and from my experience, the US has one of the BEST medical system in place for surgeries, traumas, and rehabilitation. MANY NATURAL CANCER CURES There is not one, but many cures for cancer available but they are all being suppressed by the ACS, NCI, and major oncology centers. View the facts in the documentary below. Even bitter almonds cure cancers and you can also treat and prevent cancers with the tropical (sea) almond that my son is holding in the picture. Cancer the Forbidden Cures- Full Documentary: If you have cancer or know anyone with cancer, you can advise them to stick to a raw food diet for a few months, no sugar, no processed...