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Is Technology Dumbing Down Our Children?

  In the video below, I interview my youngest son, Gevonni Carbon, regarding one of his favorite things to do, which was and still is his favorite…going to the library. He was three years old at the time. Although my son has a tablet and a 3DS, my hubby and I makes sure he does not spend too much time on these gadgets. Although he loves reading, there were times when we had to take the 3DS away from him. He also has a Tablet and does spend a lot of time on his tablet researching various topics of interest. So it is up to us as parents to make sure our children find the time to read and create a balance so that they enjoy reading and not let technology take over. My son was pretty much taught that the games and the tablet are rewards for reading. So once he’s finished reading he looks forward to playing his games or his tablet. The same rule applies for the to older boys too. My hubby and I refuse to let technology dumb our children down. Is this really the dumbest generation? Is technology making us smarter or dumber? I...