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Nature Is Healing What CHEMOTHERAPY Could Not

Good morning EVERYBODY!! Wow, it’s been extremely busy here. Florence…our first CANCER visitor, who is using some of our products. She came to us via divine intervention as CHEMOTHERAPY did not work for her. She does not look sick at all. She is absolutely beautiful on the inside and it radiates on the outside. I LOVE Florence. Florence is originally from Uganda, Africa, but resides in England with her husband and son. When she first came to Dominica a little over a week ago, she was so sick that she could not even raise her hands. Now she can raise both of her hands above her head. She said to me day before yesterday, “Since I’ve been drinking that juice (Moringa & Cannabis) you gave me I feel so much better. My sister can’t wait to meet you.” She is on a 100% organic, raw food diet, eating only fruits, vegetables, coconuts, and juice straight from nature…no chemicals whatsoever! If you or anyone you know have cancer or any of the diet-related diseases below, what we can do for you is help you nourish your body to increase its energy to heal itself using fresh products from the Nature Island...