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Ad Space Broker – e-BusinessMoms Featured Business Owner

  Ad Space Broker – What Is An Ad Space Broker? Below is an article from Eva Green, the owner of an online Ad Space Broker.  She explains in this article what services she offers as an Ad Space Broker to small business owners.  She tells her story of how she went from suffering from information overload online to finally finding her niche market as an Ad Space Broker.  If you are reading this and you are sick and tired of purchasing program after program promising overnight riches, then this would be of encouragement to you. Ad Space Broker… How Did This Happen? How did I finally, after 2 years, give or take a moment – have a company and work that fits me perfectly.  I will start from the beginning.  When I first started online, I had just lost my job – due to the bank crisis, I’d already been working from home as a loan officer, helping people get mortgages. It was natural for me to work “from home” and I had already developed the discipline, to sit down at my desk at a certain time …and stay there. I Had No Idea What I Could Do Online… I...