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Top Female Entrepreneurs – Top 15 Young Female Entrepreneurs And Their Rising Companies

Below you will find 5 of 15 top female entrepreneurs who own the “Next Big Thing.”  Well that’s how I would define it.  The list includes a 15 year old top female entrepreneur.  Yes, that was not a typo…15 years old.  If she can run a multi-million dollar company, it can inspire any woman to take that leap and start their own business.  You never know where that business would lead you.  The important thing is to get it off the ground. I’ve only posted 5 of the 15 profiles below.  I am adding a link below the article that will take you to the original article where can take a look at the other 10 companies.  Go ahead, take a look below at the article I found on the site, Under30Ceo.com… 5 of the 15 top female entrepreneurs and the companies they are building… Sarah Prevette Company: Sprouter.com Age: 28 Sarah Prevette wanted to find a better way to get answers to her pressing business questions so she started an online community for it called Sprouter. Sprouter is a fast paced environment that focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to socialize and share tips. Sarah has grown Sprouter to 10′s of thousands...