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Stop Gray Hair With Blackstrap Molasses? Wow! Even This One Surprised Me…

By: ebusinessmom Category: Food

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6 Comments to “Stop Gray Hair With Blackstrap Molasses? Wow! Even This One Surprised Me…”

  1. WONDERFUL Post.Thanks for share..more wait .. …

  2. Never heard about the importance of molasses before. I usually use this ingredient for cooking.. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. So how can I choose the best molasses that are available on the market?

  3. Hi,
    My mom used to give me blackstrap molasses. Can’t remember why, now.
    I agree that the taste is not that pleasant. Bet it would stop leg cramps, too. You mentioned it has a lot of potassium. Will have to try it on my husband. He gets bad leg cramps. The Dr, told him to start taking potassium. Hope I can get him to take it!!

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  4. Hmmmm
    I really dont know whether to believe what the writer is saying.
    Let me think.
    well, worth a try.
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  5. ok my aunt reckons her son is relatively dark-skinned because she ate molasses when she was pregnant with him. so.
    i used to have molasses in tea and coffee.
    i’ve started using blackstrap molasses upon recommendation by friend. not real tood in large doses but fantastic in tea, coffee, and cacao drink. it makes a great colour.
    can’t wait to use it in cooking/ salad/ baking/ stew.

  6. Von Zohn says:

    I am not looking forward to getting gray hair. Can’t we just bypass that stage in life? I wish we could.


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