Refund Policy


No Contracts


If you are not satisfied…cancel at any time by sending us an email or going to to cancel. We are in the business of generating more leads for your business!!

Fees & Terms:

The Client will be automatically charged, on a monthly basis, [$250] for the aforementioned services. The billing date will be determined by the date that the client initially retained e-Businessmoms for services.

If the Client retained services from e-BusinessMoms on a date that is not present in a given month (e.g. the 31st), the client will be charged on the next closest date. The Client has the right to discontinue service at any point, without being billed in future months. Upon discontinuing service, any remaining services that the Client has already paid for will be provided for the duration of the period that has been purchased. No refunds will be provided for services that have already been provided.