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PlayBig Online By Using Social Networking For Marketing Your Business

Using Social Networking For Marketing


PlayBig Online Marketing 


e-BusinessMoms is proud to introduce you to our newest “Featured Business,” PlayBig Online Marketing.  Play Big Online Marketing helps business owners grow their business using social networking for marketing via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Candy is the owner of PlayBig Online Marketing.

Candy has several strategies that can help any business incorporate Social Media with their current marketing. She is extremely passionate about her business. In the article below, Candy Sugarman tells us a little bit about herself, and how she got started as an entrepreneur.


PlayBig Online By Using Social Networking For Marketing Your Business


Using Social Networking For Marketing I hadn’t planned to be an entrepreneur; for me it was something that I didn’t know I wanted to do until I was already doing it.

I grew up and lived in Southern California for most of my life. After 9/11 everything changed.  In just one year, I was laid off, got married, moved across the country to North Carolina leaving my friends and family behind, and waved good-bye to my husband as he deployed to a war zone.

To make myself more marketable in my new state, I earned my real estate license and began working for a real estate office in 2006.  I handled all the paperwork, but it didn’t keep me business enough so I started helping the agents with their Internet marketing.

After I left that job, I got calls from the agents who still needed my services so I continued to help them after I finished working my 9 to 5 job.  Helping them was more fulfilling and fun than my day job so I made the leap to take my side activities to a full-time business.

Realizing the next wave of marketable skills was Social Media, I decided to take classes and focus my business there and founded PlayBig Online

social media examiner facebookMarketing. The majority of my Social Media clients were looking for someone to create a page or profile for them and it quickly became obvious to me that most of them had no concrete plan for actually marketing.  To help them, I created the Social Media Strategy Session. My one-on-one session with small business owners focuses on developing a marketing strategy  based on the business target market, where their target market ‘hangs-out’ online (not always where they think), and then training on how to use the Social networks.

social media examiner facebook

PlayBig Online Marketing also offer the ‘soup-to-nuts’ solution; we can help business owners do it all, from building the strategy, building the pages and brand, to training and even implementation.  As I continued to work with small business owners I noticed that they were very budget-conscious and wanted to do their own Social Media marketing but they lacked the knowledge of using the Social networks.

social media examiner facebookIn response, I created the Easy Social Media Learning Center, a membership site that provides instruction on Social Media networks.  My center shows small business owners via on-demand video how to use the networks to promote their business. All the videos explain in simple terms what to do and provide just 1-2 actionable items.

Although these videos are just 12 minutes long, they provide an in-depth understanding of the “why” as well as the “how” of marketing.  In addition, every video has a downloadable .pdf that covers what was in the video.

Every month we add more videos and bonus materials and hosts a 1-hour Question and Answer webinar.  All that value for a budget friendly $14.95 a month. Members of the Easy Social Media Learning Center also get a discount on a Social Media Strategy Session.

When I first started my business I was thinking of helping clients on a one-on-one basis, which was a mistake. By the Easy Social Media Learning Center, I’m able to help a lot more people and not be limited by my time.  I decided to go for the ‘Wal-Mart’ model of business: bring value to more people for an affordable price.



Using Social Networking For Marketing

Using Social Networking For Marketing

Using Social Networking For Marketing




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