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Sticky: Court Reporter Careers – Work At Home As A Court Reporter

court reporter careersI’ve decided recently to dig up some of my old blog posts and update the ones that needs updating. Here is one…a question and answer post from someone requesting more info on court reporter careers. Court Reporter Careers Question: Can you explain the details of court reporting. For example; things one would do as a court reporter, is it enjoyable, can this job be performed from home, etc? And would you recommend court reporting to someone who enjoys typing? Thanks Alot! Answer: It’s actually a great career choice and can be performed from home. You need to go to school because you would definitely need to learn shorthand and licensing is usually required. Schooling depends on the state. Most people that do this type of work, enjoy it. The good thing about this career is, it is not something that can only be done in a courtroom. It can be performed outside the court also due to modern technology. Hooray! For information on court reporter careers and home based court reporter jobs click here! ______________________________________ Court Reporter Careers