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Indoor Playgrounds for kidsHey everyone! My name is Shyanne and I am a wife, mother of three small children as well as an entrepreneur. I currently have a brick and mortar business that will be opening in a couple weeks that I am very excited about, here in my town. It is called Playnasium LLC and is an indoor playground for kids.


I live in WI so we have more cold months than warm so this works out great to keep children active all year long. Check out the website for Playnasium at www.KenoshaPlay.com. On top of my new business opening, I have a business that I run out of my home. When my indoor playground for kids…physical store front opens, I plan to combine the two.


I am very passionate about both of these ventures and I think this is a key ingredient to anything you do in life. If your heart is not in it, it’s hard to produce the results that you dream of.

Indoor Playground For Kids And Another Business – online business…

indoor playgrounds for kidsIn a nutshell, I work with a group of people online as well as offline. We all support and help one another to achieve our own personal goals. We work together as a team and promote a company called Melaleuca.


And, yes, Melaleuca has products. But, the great thing is that we don’t sell their products. Nor do we have parties, or hold inventory, or collect money. And it’s not one of those mlm deals.  www.Live-Your-Dream.com

Melaleuca is a 26 yr old manufacturing company in Idaho Falls, ID that has grown every year because they manufacture products that are safer for our homes, our families, and they’re green. AND they’re effective in doing their job and cost-friendly as well.


They are in the same price range as grocery store brands, but they don’t use the harsh chemicals that companies like Proctor and Gamble, and Colgate-Palmolive put in their products. So no bleach, no ammonia, no toxic or caustic chemicals. And believe me, the list is frightening to say the least…

indoor playground for kidsJust a quick fact on why I’m passionate about my business: “The home is where over 1.5 million young children are poisoned each year, and an overwhelming amount of the time, they are poisoned by a cleaning or personal care product.” (The National Safe Kids Campaign, Poisoning, 1996).


One thing that a lot of people are not aware of is that the FDA cannot require companies to do any safety testing on their personal care products before they are sold to the consumer. – United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA authority Over Cosmetics (Office of Cosmetics Fact Sheet, 1995)


I’m throwing this last tidbit out there just in an attempt to educate: “The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) analyzed 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products (shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, etc.). The results were that 884 of the chemicals were toxic, 314 caused biological mutation, 218 caused reproductive complications, 778 caused acute toxicity, 148 caused tumors, 376 caused skin and eye irritation.” ~ Judith Berns, “The Cosmetic Cover-up,” Human Ecologist 43 (1989) And the FDA can do nothing about it, or won’t.


So, if you are interested in making a little (or a lot) of extra money with a company that has seen positive growth for 26 years, or you just would like to get some safer, eco-friendly and non-toxic household products in your home, contact me.


You will have the opportunity to create a reliable, ongoing income, and you will be representing a US based company that cares about what we put in and on our bodies and our environment. If those points sound appealing, then what I do may be for you, too.


Also, here’s a link to information about Melaleuca and the awards they’ve received over the years for their innovation and honesty: www.MelaleucaAwards.com and a link to the company website, too. www.Melaleuca.com



Or if you just want to know more information about myself or my store front business, I would be happy to  share any knowledge that I have acquired so far on my journey.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt



Indoor Playgrounds For Kids

Indoor Playgrounds For Kids

Indoor Playgrounds For Kids

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Carlie Hore January 30, 2012 at 6:43 pm

I love your writing style truly loving this website .

ebusinessmom November 23, 2011 at 10:54 am

Anel, that would have to be a really large home with a separate entrance, maybe a separate house on the lot. That could make a great home based business. Thanks for sharing.

Anel John November 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Indoor playground…that’s a great idea for a business. It would also be a great home business if you have a large house with a separate place to set up an indoor playground.


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