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Will you critique my resume?

By: vernette Category: Transcription

I’m going for a job as a medical sales rep. I have a resume now, not sure how it looks, I would love an outside opinion. Thanks for your consideration!

Molly ********
408 Washington Street
(443) 310-*****


To obtain a professional sales position, leading to management in the pharmaceutical and medical device sales industry, where my administrative experience, communication skills, and initiative can be utilized to increase sales and improve customer relations.


Towson University, 9/2001 – 5/2003
B.S. Sociology/Anthropology, Criminal Justice Concentration

Anne Arundel Community College, 9/1999 – 5/2001
A.A. General Studies Transfer

Member of Phi Theta Kapa Honor Society


Gee Cosper & Associates 2007 – present

Assistant to the President
• Performing a variety of detailed office administrative tasks, including developing daily office procedures
• Compose technical correspondence, including writing a variety of reports and materials from notes, research and source material in files
• Maintaining a complex filing system, including confidential material
• Preparing agenda and other materials, distributing as necessary
• Maintaining of records on office activities pertaining to personnel, purchasing, travel expenses and related activities
• Development and maintenance of our company website

Pusser’s Caribbean Company Store and Grille 2004 – present

Retail Sales Associate
• Operating a computerized point of sale cash register and inventory management system; including the accurate entering of sales information, receiving payment for products, processing credit card transactions, refunds, exchanges and voids
• Reconciling daily sales, prepare deposits, and produce end of day reports for management
• Actively engaging customers in conversation and assisting in the understanding, demonstration, description and selection of merchandise

Training Server
• Escorting guests to tables, cocktail preparation, wine service and sales
• Explaining the menu and special orders items to guests and cooks
• Providing a high level of quality customer service to patrons
• Training of new employees in customer service standards and procedures and use of computer systems.

Anne Arundel Community College, Academic Advising 1999 – 2001

Student Worker, front desk
• Answered telephones and gave information to callers, and transfer calls to appropriate individuals
• Scheduled appointments for students with certain advisors after determining their particular educational needs
• Greeted all visitors and callers, handling their inquiries, and directing them to the appropriate individuals according to their needs
• Operated office equipment such as fax machines, copiers and phone systems and used computers for word processing, spreadsheet and other applications

Jerome H. Markoff, Esq. 1999 – 2002

Legal Secretary
• Contacted clients on a daily basis, updating outstanding balances and court pleadings.
• Filed documents with courts and assisted in trial preparation
• Collected data and reviewed research materials, determined accuracy and validity of sources and appropriateness for use
• Typed and prepared reports or other written materials from source documents and transcription
• Received calls and greeted visitors, recorded and relayed messages, responded to requests for information

Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office, Summer 1999

• Assisted the criminal investigative unit by preparing and analyzing evidence for trial.
• Located and attached appropriate files to incoming correspondence
• Prepared and processed documents; reviewed for accuracy and completeness
• Maintained files and record keeping systems

References available upon request.

pretty good.I review apps/res etc weekly,Yours has just enough info that would make me read it,so many people put so much,I don’t even read them…..
1-phone nbrs…..home…..include a cell….
also never let a call from a prospective employer go to voice mail…
2-add your email address,many people,me included,paste resumes into files and respond to potential employee via email….
3-personalize your first sentence to the specific company and specific position….find out what that company calls that position…..it will make you feel like you are one of them;;;;

Is my job being phased out? Should I look for another job?

By: vernette Category: Transcription

Here’s a little history: I am a 37-year-old female who has been a medical transcriptionist (by title) at a mental health facility since 1993. There were seven transcriptionists working there when I was first hired; however, I am the only transcriptionist left and the only person who dictates now is the doctor (all the clinicians now are required to type their own notes). I also record and type all the meetings (there are one to two meetings a day on average). That now consists of 90% of my job. I can type minutes to meetings, but I still feel out of my element in doing that, even 10 years after I was assigned to do that task (whereas medical transcription comes naturally to me).

Ever since they hired this one woman (I’ll call her K.M.), some of my job responsibilities (some purchasing and making graphs for the client satisfaction surveys, among a couple of other things) have been relegated to her. It should be of note that K.M. is the daughter of the President of the Board of Directors and she brown-noses Management all the time.

My supervisor is getting ready to have a kidney transplant this year and will most likely retire around age 60 (she just turned 58). My supervisor has been so flexible with me for 15 years as far as my schedule, is like a second mom to me, and in return I’ve helped her whenever I could (including personal favors). I don’t have the heart to look for another job while my supervisor is still there and needs my help, and because the economy in general is so bad. I am thinking about finding another job around the same time she retires (in other words: "When she leaves, I leave.") Will my timing be right in that case as far as finding another job? I have a feeling in my gut that once she leaves, that I will get laid off.

I think you are doing the right thing. As long as your Supervisor is there and you have a terrific relationship with her, I would stay put. You said they are delegating more work to the President’s daughter so I would not be surprised if they were preparing to let you go earlier. She is (more than likely) a cheaper paycheck because you have been there for a long time and they are basically weaning out your other duties by making the others type their own work.

I am in the same predicament. I work from home, but many of my duties were given to someone else who was recently hired in. Things I’ve always typed will now be done by the person who creates the report themselves. I am basically marching time, not making waves and just waiting for them to let me go. I still do a good job, but my time is coming to an end with this company.

Hopefully in a few years the economy will be better and you can find a job elsewhere.

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