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3 Reasons WordPress Bloggers should Remove The Date From Posts

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Remove The Date From Your WordPress Blog Posts

Remove Date WordPressWhy would anyone want to remove the date from their WordPress blog posts anyway? Here are three reasons why:

1.  Removing the date from blog posts can make your blog look more like a website rather than a journal which is dated at the top of each post.

2.  Maybe you have older articles in your archive. Removing the date would make your posts look fresh to readers coming from the search engines, etc. So in other words, if you have an article that is six months old, people coming from the search engines, etc can read your post without thinking it’s old and outdated.  You can remove the date from single posts or all post on your blog.

3. Some blog owners think that removing the date from blog posts can increase the number of comments and linkbacks for the older content.  You be the judge.

Removing the date from blog posts can work for some WordPress blog owners and might not work for others.  I prefer to post without the dates.  Some blog owners argue that the timestamp is necessary.
I want my blogs to look more like a website rather than a journal with dated entries.  Again, each blog is different and that’s my personal preference.

So how can you remove the date from your posts?  You can remove the dates using the Date Exclusion WordPress Plugin or you can do it manually as I’ve mentioned below in this post and shown on video.

If you would like to remove the dates of your post manually, you can do so from your Dashboard, select “Appearance,” and then Editor.  On the Theme Editor page select “Main Index templates,” at the right hand side.  If you want to remove the dates from single posts, you would have to edit the “Single.php,” on that same Theme Editor page.

Once in the Theme Editor, the next step would be to take out the following code: <?php the_time(__(‘F jS, Y’, ‘kubrick’)) ?>

You are looking for a code that begins with <?php the_time

Please see the video below for step-by-step instructions for manually removing the date from posts throughout your WordPress blog.

How To Remove The Date From WordPress Blog Posts

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Remove date WordPress

Remove date WordPress

Remove date WordPress

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