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How A Portable Toilet Can Save Your Life!

By: ebusinessmom Category: Living Off The Land

portable toiletAs crazy as this is about to sound, I was awakened around 1am with what I am about to post and it can save yours and the lives of others.

So please don’t judge the messenger…pay attention to the message. The reason for the picture of the outhouse is because my hubby and I have plans in the very near future to build an outhouse as a backup and you should too if you can or you can purchase a compost toilet.

Why? Well, we were hit really hard in Dominica on August 27, 2015…one of the worst Tropical Storms in Dominica’s history. I know this was a geo-engineered storm, although many think I’m crazy for saying so. Yes, I saw the chemtrails before and after the storm. This storm left me desiring most of all, clean running water, and an outhouse. Check out this video:

After experiencing this tropical storm, I was reminded of the Argentina financial collapse of 1989 that lasted for four years and see that the American economy is “hanging by a thread.” How would you and family relieve yourselves daily if the Grid collapses and there is no running water or electricity?

Now back to Argentina’s Great Depression…What I’ve learned is that most people didn’t die because of food shortages…they died because of simple ailments, even scratches on their skin due to bacterial infections. You see, what most people do when there is no running water and electricity is they dig holes in their backyards in order to go to the bathroom.

The problem is, most people don’t dig the holes deep enough and when it rains, the bacteria from the waste spreads all over the place and no one can see it. Children play, people walk and it spreads even more from outside to the inside of the home, etc., and diseases are born, especially in crowded neighborhoods. Remember…SELF-SUFFICIENCY is key. Even if there is no collapse, you’re still a step ahead.

So in order to be ahead of the “game” your pit for an outhouse MUST be at least 5 feet deep and at least 16 feet away from the house…the further away from the house, the better. My hubby mentioned to me that it’s best to always have a bucket of saw dust in the outhouse to use as the “flush” to throw in the hole after each usage. It keeps things like roaches away.

He speaks from childhood experience. As a child I was afraid of using my grandmother’s outhouse. I was afraid of falling in the hole.

There are still some people here in Dominica with outhouses and my children had the opportunity to use the outhouse of a Mennonite family (similar to Amish) in Pennsylvania. We learned a lot from those people.

They live a self sufficient lifestyle…very smart people. We used to travel an hour to their farm once every month just to stock up on organic foods when we lived in Pennsylvania. These people are prepared for anything.

If you don’t have the yard to build an outhouse, you can purchase a compost toilet from Amazon. See links below:

Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet / Standard Crank Handle

Small Home Plans – How To Live Debt Free, Pay $75/Year In Utilities And Make Money

By: ebusinessmom Category: Living Off The Land

Small Home Plans

small home plansWant to live 100% debt free, pay only $75 in utilities annually and make money at the same time? Yes? Despite what is going on with the economy, it is paving the way for some people to live a comfortable life. This is for those who can see past the negative aspects of the economy and find a way to thrive from it.

Many are doing it and plan to do so just like my best friend.  She called me the other day quite excited.  She told me that there is a huge movement…the tiny homes movement where people are downsizing and getting rid of their mortgages, other debts.  Many are able to quit their jobs because the cost of living is so low.

Living large: A look inside the tiny house movement | PBS


The world is learning to live small and Jay Shafer is leading the way. CNN even says so! Mortgage free? $75/year in utilities? Not a slave to your house anymore? Escape the rat race? Can you live this way?


Many are not only buying small home plans, but they are selling them, and also selling the “Tiny Home” dream by creating tiny homes for others.  This is a great business idea and people are profiting from it.  The Tiny Home, small home plans are pretty simple and the supplies used to build the homes are not expensive.

CNN Video: Tiny homes big in down economy OR CNN loves Tumbleweed Tiny Homes



My friend was excited because she too decided that she was going to move to Asheville North Carolina and build her tiny homes. All she needs is some cheap but solid materials, small home plans, and a little help and she will be living a debt-free life.  It’s amazing how things are changing drastically since the downturn in the economy.  People are doing whatever they can to save money and survive this crisis.  It’s sad to say, but it has to get worse in order for it to get better.  So we have quite some time before we are out of the woods.  So this tiny house movement actually makes a lot of sense.

small home plansSince we don’t really own our real estate in the country, why not build our own tiny homes.  As far as finding the land to build the homes on, that can be rented for a small fee.  If you already have land…it makes life much easier.  I am thinking as I type that people who have mortgages and a nice sized backyard or maybe a garage could rent out their homes, convert their garages into a Tiny Home and live happily ever after.  Why not?  Well pride would cause lots of people not to do this.

The thought would be, “Who in their right mind would want to rent out their nice homes to others while they have to gather the small home plans to build pretty much what my husband calls a dog house.  Well that’s how he feels.  However, for some reason, I think it makes sense.  Do we really need a lot of “Stuff” to survive?  No…not at all.  So that should sum it all up.  We can live on very little and have a happy live.  Living with a lot of debt can be torture.  So I end this by saying, “More power to the Tiny Homes Movement.”

Small Home Plans….Tiny House Movement

Small Home Plans……

The Next Little Thing?


small home plansIN his 20s, Michael Janzen made pottery and lived in a cabin in rural California that he estimates was “about the size of a two-car garage.” After he married, he went into Web design for a bank, and now at 40 has all the trappings of a successful homeowner: in-ground pool, maid service, a yard landscaped with Japanese black pine bonsai trees. His 1,800-square-foot home in Fair Oaks, Calif., a one-story model by Streng Brothers, midcentury builders in the Eichler mold, is of a kind coveted by fans of modern design.

THE LILLIPUTIAN LIFE Some homeowners are using their new little houses as offices or retreats, like the 80-square-foot one owned by Michael Janzen. Others choose to actually live in theirs, like Dee Williams, whose 84-square-foot knotty-pine house has a tight but cozy interior. So why has Mr. Janzen spent the summer building an 80-square-foot “tiny house” out of free stuff he found on Craigslist?

There he is on nights and weekends, designing a floor plan whose dimensions are measured not in feet but inches, nailing scavenged wood pallets together for the frame, or fixing up an old trailer to serve as the foundation. The initial reaction from his wife, Julia: “Is this a Unabomber building?”

Not exactly. According to Mr. Janzen, he came to the realization that “I don’t want this life — the life of someone who’s working too hard to pay a large mortgage to live in this house.” The catalyst, he said, was watching the value of his home plummet with the rest of the real estate market, while the time and money required to maintain the property only increased. “The energy cost is enormous,” he said, “and the bigger your property gets, the more there is to do.”

Which is why Mr. Janzen has become interested in the small house movement, whose adherents believe in minimizing one’s footprint — structural as well as carbon — by living in spaces that are smaller than 1,000 square feet and, in some cases, smaller than 100. Tiny houses have been a fringe curiosity for a decade or more, but devotees believe the concept’s time has finally arrived.

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small home plans

Small home plans

small home plans


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