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6 Sure-Fire Ways To Enhance Blog Traffic

By: Katherine Droguett Category: How To - Website Traffic

blog trafficBeing deeply involved with network marketing, a significant part of my professional time is spent answering questions related to blog traffic optimization. With more and more people jumping on the blogging bandwagon, the desire to increase blog traffic to enhance online presence is also increasing. So, I thought it would be worth sharing my strategies and experience here.

1. Start with a good Blogging Software

For blogging, select a CMS that best meets your goals and niche requirements. It can make a huge difference. If you are a professional and wish to stand out from the crowd, you can choose a customized platform. These blogs can be modified according to your taste and give you a personalized feel.

However, for most of the users, popular choices like Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, will be fine. Make sure the look and feel of your blog is easy on the eyes. Let your imagination lose for elements like commenting, archiving, multiple feeds, sub-pages, user accounts, categorization etc.

2. Attach Appealing Title Tags

Appealing title tags are proven to attract more RSS feed subscribers and visitors to your blog. Make your title tag after a lot of thinking. Choose a magnetic, snappy, and catchy line as your title tag. It can also be humorous as long as you can keep it attractive. Sites like WordTracker and Overture allow users to better target traffic by giving suggestions regarding phrasing or ordering of title tags.

3. Join Forums and Blogs Related to your Niche

No matter how petite your niche size is, you are sure to bump into some related blogs. These places already have a lot of discussion going on about your industry. You can post appropriate comments on the posts on these websites or blogs. Your comments can work as a magnet to attract readers to your blog.

This is a surefire way to increase blog traffic. Search Technorati and Del.icio.us to find blogs and forums which serve your realm’s interests.

4. Tag Your Blog’s Content

Perhaps, the first place to tag your posts is Technorati. I suggest having relative tags pointing directly to your desired Technorati searches. Besides this, other good places include Flickr and del.icio.us. Tagged content can also divert traffic from popular websites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

5. Let a Celebrity Blogger ‘Do It’ for You

Inviting a celebrity or well known blogger of your niche to write a short blog post can increase your popularity overnight. This can not only enhance your blog’s reader base but also earn you quality branded links. To convince such a person, you can flatter his/her celebrity status or actively take part on his blog/form. However, prior to posting, ensure that you make the necessary amendments and that the guest blogger agrees to your terms.

6. Nurture your Tribe

Tribe refers to your dynamic followers or group you are associated with. With social media erupting at an enormous pace, search engines like Google and Yahoo are giving more importance to a blogger’s ability to attract people. Higher the number of people following you, the more traffic you’ll have on your blog. This not only gives you an opportunity to connect real time with your visitors but also enhances direct sales and Alexa rankings.

You can use Twitter and Facebook as a means to build a tribe. However, the tribe members should be related to your niche rather than being a homogenous crowd of social marketing mavens. Also, do read one of my recent posts where I have mentioned how a service called ‘Unified tribe’ can increase your visitor count.

These tips are just a tip of the iceberg. There are, literally, limitless ways to increase blog traffic. Even though, blogging is a highly crowded field, these tips will definitely give you a head start.

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Increase Website Traffic – 60 Sites And 7 Ways To Maximize Blog Traffic

By: ebusinessmom Category: How To - Website Traffic


Increase Website Traffic – Generating Traffic from Images


Increase Website Traffic– 60 Sites To Maximize Blog Traffic

Written by Sravkum

For a blogger who is new to blogging or who has a blog of his / her own, numerous questions plague his mind regarding writing, marketing etc. Some of them are as follows..

Have you got a new blog?

Are you writing effective/useful articles?

Are you Worried that no body is reading it?

Want to reach millions in no time?

Want to grab the right people for your articles?

Want to see your blog to be among one of the popular blogs?

Then I think this is one of the easiest way to reach all the above expectations…..

Increase website trafficSince this is our new blog, we were in search of different ways to make our site popular. Despite the fact that we write good and useful articles, we were always worried that we do not reach the right people for the right article at the right time. So we thought to explore the web to meet our expectations. Since we put so much of effort, I thought why not share our experiences and resources with our fellow bloggers!

Increase Website Traffic – Submmitting RSS feeds and Blog Urls

We have collected a few sites based on ALEXA RANKINGS where you can submit your blogs url or your blog RSS Feeds and grab the maximum amount of traffic having maximum amount of readership with little effort. Before you proceed make sure that you have subscribed your feed at FeedBurner.com or in any one of your favourate sites which gives you the stats of the RSS Feed Subscribers/readers and the related stats of the same, so that you can always keep track of your Subscribers/readers.

As there are many sites which allow bloggers to submit their RSS Feeds and publish the same with specific categories, tags etc. Here are the few sites which we have collected as of now, where you submit your RSS Feeds or your blog url.

Also let us know if you know any other sites which provides good traffic and good readership.

Off late, www.SpotPlex.com has emerged as a popular sites for blogs to get their stories and blogs submitted. A sort of ‘digg’, it provides several useful information such as site statistics, widgets, popularity etc which has made it popular such as Digg.com!

Sites Alexa Rank Registration Link Back
http://www.bloglines.com 612 Yes No
http://www.newsgator.com 4,142 Yes No
http://www.blogflux.com 6,316 Yes No
http://www.icerocket.com 6,625 No No
http://www.icerocket.com 6,625 No No
http://www.blogtopsites.com 6,927 Yes Optional
http://www.rojo.com 10,193 Yes No
http://www.blogexplosion.com 17,481 Yes Optional
http://www.blogtoplist.com 18,142 Yes No
http://www.tailrank.com 18,232 No No
http://www.sphere.com 21,277 No Yes
http://www.rateitall.com 25,896 Yes No
http://www.shadows.com 25,923 Yes No
http://www.myfeedz.com 27,258 Yes No
http://www.feeds4all.com 29,107 No Optional
http://www.spotplex.com 34,191 No Yes
http://www.fybersearch.com 47,239 Yes No
http://www.findory.com 52,002 No No
http://www.rss-network.com 57,164 No No
http://www.blogwise.com 57,766 No Yes
http://www.blogstreet.com 81,563 Yes No
http://www.rssmad.com 99,989 Yes No
http://www.octora.com 102,332 Yes No
http://www.outpost-earth.com 112,521 Yes Optional
http://www.iblogbusiness.com 114,345 No No
http://www.blogsoldiers.com 126,665 Yes Yes
http://www.pubsub.com 128,086 No No
http://www.blogadvance.com 129,697 Yes Optional
http://www.geekphilosopher.com 137,178 Yes Optional
http://www.findingblog.com 140,703 Yes Yes
http://www.feedage.com 158,646 Yes No
http://www.photarium.com 170,027 No No
http://www.newsxs.com 176,343 No No
http://www.goldenfeed.com 179,750 No No
http://www.feedbase.net 180,898 No No
http://www.blogdup.com 193,063 No Yes
http://www.newsonfeeds.com 194,904 No No
http://www.blogcode.com 207,155 Yes No
http://www.wikology.com 208,628 Yes No
http://www.gabbr.com 245,102 Yes No
http://www.rankingblogs.com 266,418 Yes Optional
http://www.newgie.com 289,503 No No
http://www.industry-blogs.com 294,414 No Yes
http://www.feed-directory.com 302,524 No No
http://www.blogbunch.com 316,470 No No
http://www.desiblogs.org 322,984 Yes No
http://www.daytimenews.com 339,533 No No
http://www.feedshot.com 434,090 No Optional
http://www.kamat.org 468,887 Yes No
http://www.esperanto.se 495,964 No No
http://www.misohoni.com 525,193 No Yes
http://www.freefeedsdirectory.com 545,349 No Yes
http://www.nfeeds.com 585,929 No Optional
http://www.unclefeed.com 802,765 No No
http://www.enewss.com 1,103,571 No No
http://www.indiablogs.org 1,404,111 No Optional
http://www.sunsuna.com 2,256,919 No Yes
http://www.blogdesam.com 6,959,054 No Yes
http://www.gnoos.com No No

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6 Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic


Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic

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