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“You Are Too Skinny!”

By: ebusinessmom Category: Food


Now at 116 pounds, my mom said to me yesterday, “YOU ARE TOO SKINNY!” I don’t think so, especially since my weight loss is natural. Am I too small?

It’s not like I am on a diet. We have changed our lifestyle to Vegetarian earlier this year, along with eating from nature, as we have been doing for the past 2+ years…this is the result. After the birth of my third son, as you can see below in the third picture, I was fat, couldn’t lose weight, and very unhappy about it.

Vernette Before Weight Loss 020109 2I looked like a totally different person. I told my mom, jokingly, “You told me a few years ago I was fat. Now you tell me I’m too skinny. How can I please you? Leave me alone mommy!” LOL!! I LOVE my mom MUCHO!!!!


100% organic fruits and Cacao tea (breakfast)
Fresh coconut water straight from the nut (my juice substitute)
Cashew nuts, almonds (snacks)
Green or ripe plantains fried or baked until crisp in coconut oil or cucumber salad or regular salad (Lunch)
boiled Spring or Rain water as the body needs it throughout the day
The only large meal is dinner (I usually add Moringa, coconut oil, coconut milk, and Tumeric to whatever I cook for dinner)
Gluten-free homemade cake, sweet potato pudding, Cassava Pone (Dessert)
Non-Dairy Homemade Ice Cream (at least once per week for Dessert)

Vernette-After-Weight-Loss1Juiced Moringa leaves, Cannabis leaves, and Passion Fruit or Lime (unsweetened twice daily…first thing in the morning and before bed)…This is my medicine from nature.

This is the only way I was able to get off my seizure medication in the first place. Without it, I have to take meds as my brain was damaged by too many seizures, too much medication, GMO foods, and will take years for complete brain rejuvenation.

My improvements are miraculous as my hubby and children have told me based on the length of time it used to take for recovery after a seizure and now the fact that the seizures are few and far in between

NOTE: I am not pressuring anyone to become vegetarian or vegan, but my family is vegetarian and we eat fish once in a while, but the change has made such a big difference in our lives. Gevonni is vegan. He does not even eat fish. We are working on ditching the fish too. Only Gerveron refuses to stop eating meat. He eats it when he buys fried chicken from a local vendor as I refuse to cook it for him.

It’s amazing how you feel and the weight start falling off once you start eating organic fruits, veggies, and nuts throughout the day. We usually eat raw all day until around 6pm when we have dinner, which we like to have a large cooked meal. Remember, this is an ongoing process…one day at a time. Changing the diet from meat-lovers to vegetarian, especially with children involved cannot happen overnight. It might take up to a year of removing foods and adding the natural substitutes.

So for those of you who have private messaged me and asked me how did we make those diet changes…in my upcoming updated membership site (e-biznews.com) I will be sharing with members all of our food substitutes, like 100% organic Maple Syrup instead of sugar, my dinner recipes, my meat substitutes, dessert recipes…with lots of beautiful pictures and videos. Remember, this is an ongoing process…one day at a time.

It’s amazing how you feel and the weight start falling off once you start eating organic fruits, veggies, and nuts throughout the day. We usually eat raw all day until around 6pm when we have dinner, which we like to have a cooked meal and a healthy homemade dessert while watching something like “Different Strokes, Sandford & Son, etc.” We have hundreds of good old shows saved on a Passport Drive. We don’t have Netflix anymore, and most of you already know we ditched regular TV years ago.

The BEST part about being vegetarian is…going to the bathroom to #2 is much more pleasant. No need to turn on a fan to ditch the smell…ha! ha!

My Hubby’s Chemical-Free Guava Jam Recipe

By: ebusinessmom Category: Food

IMG_0173My hubby loves to make GUAVA JAM. As you can see, the clear winner of the two jams in the picture. The guava jam he made (pictures left) is being quickly devoured, while the grape jelly that was shipped in a barrel from the US is hardly being eaten by our boys. It was one of our “Stuff Hits The Fan” stored items. You too can make your own fruit jam/jelly and avoid the chemicals (HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CORN SYRUP, FRUIT PECTIN, CITRIC ACID, SODIUM CITRATE). If you don’t have the time to make your own jam (see recipe below), then I highly recommend that you purchase jams and jellies for your children that do not contain chemicals. Jams like this:

You can make jam with almost any of your favorite ripe fruits. He has given away so many jars of this jam and everyone loves it. It’s the cinnamon and lime (optional) that he adds to the pot that makes the big difference in taste. Here’s how my hubby makes the Guava jam:


My Hubby’s Chemical-Free Guava Jam Recipe


1. About five cups of ripe guavas.
2. Abuout 3 cups of water
3. 3 cups of organic brown sugar or sugar in the raw

4. Add cinnamon sticks but remove after 30 minutes of boiling (Optional)
5. Add a tablespoon of fresh lime juice after 45 minutes of boiling (Optional)


1. Thoroughly wash guavas. Slice up guavas into small pieces, with the skin and put in the blender (vitamix). Add enough water to make a puree. 2. 2. Blend on the lowest speed to avoid crushing the seeds
3. Strain to remove the seeds
4. Boil strained puree mixed with 3 cups of sugar
5. Leave pot open and stir often
6. Keep stirring until thickens

It usually takes about an hour and a half to thicken. Once it starts to thicken to like a porridge consistency, it would be ready. allow it to cool. It would thicken more once cooled.

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