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Nail Salon Dirty Tricks – Nail Salons Exposed!!

Zetacler Toenail Fungus Remover e-BusinessMoms Featured Product Of The Week I decided to create this new category, “Featured Product.” At least once per week, a product or service will be featured. It can fall under any category from health, wealth, love, to beauty, etc. Today, toenail fungus cure…Zetaclear is featured. Zetaclear has been helping millions of people get rid of their toenail fungus. I’ve never been infected with toenail fungus, but fingernail fungus…yes! It was 16 years ago after I got married. I truly suffered. I tried for years to get rid of it. I used every damn thing you could think of using to get rid of it, but nothing worked. I don’t think Zetaclear was around then. It took about 4 years for me to get rid of that fingernail fungus. I wish I had done my own nails for my wedding or asked someone to do it for me. I wanted to look the best I could be…as every bride wants the same.  So I went to the salon for a manicure.  A manicure was something I had never done before.  I have always been a “Plain Jane.” What in the world are the chances of someone...