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MLM Coach – Home Based Business Success Story

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MLM Coach – Sue Seward

e-Businessmoms would like to introduce Sue Seward as our featured business today. She has been marketing online for over 14 years . Sue is a successful MLM coach. Below is a series of questions we asked Sue about her business. This can help you start your own MLM coaching business too. If you need an MLM coach, Sue is the one to contact.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you did before you started your e-business.

MLM CoachWell I worked mainly in sales and marketing and decided when my first child was getting ready to go into kindergarten that I wanted to stay home with him. I ended up having another child a few years later that was born premature and took a lot of care so I never went back to work outside the home. That was in 1990 and I’ve been home with my kids ever since. My second son is fine, he’s 9 now, very healthy and big!

Can you tell us a bit about your ebusiness.

I’m a network marketer, Internet Business Consultant and trainer. What I do is teach people how to set up their own ecommerce home business on the Internet working from home. I’ve been earning an income from home on the Internet now for over 5 years. Because my business is Network Marketing combined with the power of the Internet, I’m building a network, a sales force and that leverages my time. I’m not the one doing all the work in other words.

What was your main motivation for starting an e-business.

I wanted to work from home so I could be near my two boys. I also wanted to be able to earn a residual income leveraging my time so that when I do take off to be with my kids I’m still earning an income.

MLM Coach Sue Seward -Entrepreneur

What is the best thing about having an e-business.

Because my income is residual I am still earning income today on something I did years ago. I can take off work and take my boys to the mall, the movies in the middle of the week and still make money while I’m doing this! I love my job and I love being able to work from home and help others to do the same.

What would you have done differently when starting your e-business.

Well I’ve made a lot of mistakes but it’s how I’ve learned. You learn from your failures. I would say to all the moms out there just go for it! You’re going to make mistakes and fail but that’s how you grow and become stronger! I’ve learned throughout the years to prioritize and to make sure that I spend time with my kids. After all that’s why I wanted to work from home!

Are there any tips you want to share with other moms who want to start their own e-business.

My tip would be to just get out of your comfort zone and do it! Take action! It’s the only way you’ll move forward! Be around positive like minded people as much as possible. Hang out with successful people.

MLM coachRead their books and listen to their tapes! Find some mentors that you can relate to and just Do what they do. This is what I’ve done. I’m a stay at home mom with no corporate background or degrees. I’ve really developed a lot of self confidence over the years just by taking action. Now I can talk to anyone! I call myself the CEO MOM now!

Would you like to recommend any resource that you had found useful.

I’ve found so many great resources and mentors over the years. Many of them are listed on my site. Recently I came across some tapes called The Woman’s Tapes from Upline Magazine. 6 very successful women in Network Marketing tell their stories on these tapes. They are the most inspiring and encouraging tapes I’ve ever listened to! They gave you hope that you too can be very successful.

Grumpy Old Man Made Happy!

I hope you enjoyed Sue Seward’s e-Business interview. We would like to thank Sue Seward for taking the time to share her business success story with us. To check out Sue’s MLM coaching website go to: http://ecommercehomebiz.com/

MLM coach

MLM coach

MLM coach

Women Entrepreneurship – Becoming An Unintentional Work-At-Home Mom

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Women Entrepreneurship – Home Based Marketing Consulting Business

Below are two articles on the topic (women entrepreneurship)…two women with home based marketing consulting businesses. Kathy Zucker is a “Go-getter,” who had no intention of becoming a home based entrepreneur. She has accomplished so much in her niche. Our next women entrepreneur, featured marketing consulting business is owned by Julie Lynn. These are two great articles and you can learn a lot from these two women. Enjoy!

Women Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship

By Kathy Zucker

Over the last six years, I have been a managing partner in three companies. In the last year, I have written two business plans and raised a million dollars in investor capital commitments. In the last 16 months, I established a beverage company’s online and social media presence, redesigning the look and wording of all its marketing materials. The result of those efforts? The company has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.com
, shot to #1 in nationwide sales in the Amazon grocery section, and is now being sold in the Ritz Carlton; at their request. And I accomplished all this while working from home.

Click on the banner below to see one of the beverages from the company that Kathy helped established an online presence and social media presence…


When I launched my marketing consulting business six years ago, I never expected any of this to happen. But the biggest surprise of all? The fact that I am home at all. I never, in a million years, intended to stay home when I became a parent. I thought I would be your typical Manhattan marketing director, taking 12 weeks of maternity leave before putting my child into daycare or hiring a nanny.

Life has a way of moving in unexpected directions. I found parenting to be much harder and more gut-wrenching than I ever expected. You don’t truly know what sleep deprivation is like until you have parented a newborn; it’s like walking around drunk all the time. And I found that I couldn’t stand being away from my daughter. Watching her little face pull away from me in a car window was one of my most emotionally searing memories of early motherhood. Also? My husband’s career started ramping up; I had been the primary breadwinner up until then, but I agreed to scale back so he could go for the big time. Two parents working 60 hour weeks = we would never see our kid.

It is surprisingly easy to start working for yourself. The most basic level of being in business is a sole proprietorship. You come up with a business name, register it with the state you live in, and get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). It can all be done online; it should take about an hour to establish your business. And the cost? Under $100.

Why do you need an EIN as a sole proprietor? Privacy is huge; do you want to give your Social Security number to every client? Having an EIN also enables you to partner with other people; I often put together marketing plans that involve multiple vendors (interns, a web developer, etc.) At the end of the year, I issue them 1099s since they are independent contractors; no tax liability for me.

Having an EIN makes you look legitimate. Many clients request my EIN before they will do business with me. It doesn’t change my income tax filing status; I file one set of personal returns and all my business activity goes on schedule C.

Kathy Zucker, serial entrepreneur and mother of two toddlers, writes about juggling career and family in an urban setting. See what Kathy is up to at herblog and on Twitter.

Click here to read the original article.


Women Entrepreneurship – Work Online Marketing Consultant and Virtual Assistant

women entrepreneurshipby Julie Lynn
(Lexington, Ky)

Another single mum who looked at her situation, knew what she needed to achieve and used her passion to start her own business working from home online…

My name is Julie Lynn, I am a 38 year old single mother who lives in Lexington, Ky. I have lived in Lexington my whole life and absolutely love this state’s beauty and endless opportunities. My lovely daughter turned 11 this year and is starting middle school, we are BOTH excited and nervous at the same time, as I am sure a lot of others are at this time in their lives. I have a degree in Business Administration and Accounting, I have always found myself to be extremely good with numbers when it come to money!

What do you do from home?

I started my own business this year, Lynn Marketing Concepts. This is exciting and a little scary at the same time. I specialize in marketing consulting for small businesses and also provide virtual assistant services to these same businesses. The virtual assistance part of my business varies in nature, I offer quite a variety of services to my customers. I guess you could say that I am like a “One Stop Shop” for business support. I really enjoy what I do, my customer base is growing everyday and I am excited about what the future holds for me. I have already created a unique marketing idea called Mommy Bags Marketing.

Why did you decide to work online?

I started my business out of financial need and also because I was not happy with my job. I wanted to be in control of when I worked so I could be more involved in my daughter’s life. I want to be able to participate in her school functions and her education in general because my mother was not able to do that for me. I feel it is important for parents to be as involved as possible in their child’s education, up to and including volunteering on a regular basis at their schools. It is also important for children to feel that their parents are engaged in their education process.

What experience did you make use of?

Marketing has been a “hobby” of mine for the past 15 years. I feel as though I have educated myself on marketing by studying everthing that I could find in books and read on the internet. This aspect of business has always been a passion of mine, and now I get to work it every single day!

The Virtual Assistant end of my business is where most of my “hands on” experience comes in, I have an extensive background in administrative management with various employers. I have also played a major role in my father’s business when it comes to the financial end of running things. In fact, I was his office manager for 4 years.

Any obstacles to overcome?

The biggest obstacle to overcome was actually finding the time to create my “dream” business and the right time to impliment changes in my life to make it happen. Of course I am still in the transition period of having to work my outside job to make ends meet until I have enough clients to only focus on my new business full-time.
Is working for yourself what you expected? Would you do anything differently?

I am learning something new everyday about owning and operating a business by myself. I guess I just never realized all the work that goes into doing EVERYTHING by yourself. I am already to the point where I could use some part-time help myself but I can’t afford it financially at this time.

I hope you enjoyed these two articles and inspired you to either do more to grow your business or start a business of your own whether online or offline. My recommendation would be to start one online. The offline world is getting quite rough.

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurship

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