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Inventor – How To Market Your Invention

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Inventor… Have you ever had a light bulb moment so strong… an idea that was so brilliant that you had to create it?  Is it an out-of-this-world invention (your baby) that you have been nurturing…an invention that you believe a large niche market would purchase? Is it a product that would sell itself? If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, then Inventoryou know what, follow your heart and get that baby out there for the world to see.

I love, love, love to conduct serious research to bring you some of the best information out there. With so many people suffering from information overload on the internet, I want to make this so much easier for you. There are many people looking for ways to market their ideas. So I decided to take a closer look at invention information…info on how to become an inventor, how to market an invention…info that the newbie inventor can follow to get their invention to the market. So check out the video below that I found on Video Jug. Some awesome information. It’s actually one of a series of videos on the subject. So here goes…enjoy!!

Inventor – How To market Your Invention On Shopping Networks

Check out the about.com article below written by Mary Bellis.  It has a boatload of information on how to become a successful inventor.


Basics – How to Become a Successful Inventor

By , About.com Guide

Learn the relationship between patents and the market value of inventions, the need for counsel, the need for prior art searches and about being skeptical of invention promoters. Learn the many different aspects of invention step by step.
  1. First Steps
  2. Finding Great Ideas
  3. Business Start Up
  4. Want to Sell Your Invention?
  1. Making a Prototype
  2. Keeping an Inventor’s Logbook/Journal
  3. “To Patent” or “Not to Patent” That is the Question

First Steps

How does an inventor turn their new invention ideas into money? This is probably the single most often asked question I receive from people who have no clue as to how to proceed. They often hope that they can sell their brilliant new idea to somebody who will hand them money. Sorry, it just does not work that way and you often end up handing a fistful of money in the other direction. The best answer I can give is to get educated in how the whole process works

Finding Great Ideas

How to start and keep the creative juices flowing and create great inventions. How to decide which of your ideas are worth pursuing.

Business Start Up

If you have decided to establish a business to manufacture or sell your own invention, you will need a business plan to raise money or/and help your new business flourish.

Want to Sell Your Invention?

How to succeed at selling and marketing your inventions. The most fundamental piece of advice I would give a newbie trying to sell his/her invention is this; conduct yourself in an appropriate businesslike manner. The tutorials below will help you achieve this and more.

Making a Prototype

An outline of the basics of making a prototypes – why make a prototype. By definition a prototype is a full-size working model of your invention suitable for use in the complete evaluation of form, design, performance, and material processing.

Keeping an Inventor’s Logbook/Journal

Detailed records of the concepts, test results, and other information related to making an invention should be kept in a logbook. You can start a logbook from the very first moment you think of an idea.

“To Patent” or “Not to Patent” That is the Question

“I want to make money before/without having a patent.” This is a controversial issue, however, many successful inventors do follow this path. On the other hand, many experts and patent lawyers consider it foolish. This is not a path for the faint of heart, you need to be business savvy and have some experience to pull it off.

REF: Inventor

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