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Wire Wrapped Jewelry – Featured Arts And Crafts Business

Wire wrapped Jewelry  Designs By Dale B Craft It is our pleasure here at e-businessmoms to be able to share the handmade wire wrapped jewelry designs of Dale B Craft.  The jewelry designer, Bernice Craft creates all unique, one of a kind pieces… wire wrapped jewelry and also sewn vintage style jewelry.  The jewelry is absolutely beautiful.  Click here to view a wire wrapped jewelry from Dale B Craft. There are lots of different shapes and colors of natural and polished gemstones.   Each one is considered to be the inspiration for Bernice’s wire sculpting. My wire wrap technique has evolved over a number of years and is still evolving.  Bernice also enjoy ssewing colorful and sometimes sparkly necklaces. Each piece of jewelry actually become a wearable piece of art. Below is a video of some of the wire wrapped jewelry designed by Bernice Craft. Below Is The Story Of Bernice Craft And How Dale B Craft Got Started