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Wire Wrapped Jewelry – Featured Arts And Crafts Business

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Wire wrapped Jewelry 

Designs By Dale B Craft

wire wrapped jewelryIt is our pleasure here at e-businessmoms to be able to share the handmade wire wrapped jewelry designs of Dale B Craft.  The jewelry designer, Bernice Craft creates all unique, one of a kind pieces… wire wrapped jewelry and also sewn vintage style jewelry.  The jewelry is absolutely beautiful.  Click here to view a wire wrapped jewelry from Dale B Craft.

There are lots of different shapes and colors of natural and polished gemstones.   Each one is considered to be the inspiration for Bernice’s wire sculpting. My wire wrap technique has evolved over a number of years and is still evolving.  Bernice also enjoy ssewing colorful and sometimes sparkly necklaces. Each piece of jewelry actually become a wearable piece of art. Below is a video of some of the wire wrapped jewelry designed by Bernice Craft.

Below Is The Story Of Bernice Craft And How Dale B Craft Got Started
<wrapped wire jewelry

I began my online jewelry business almost 2 years ago.  I also sell my work at craft shows and local boutiques.  For me creating and selling jewelry was a natural progression.  Up until the time I began my business I had worked in the banking industry, something that was lucrative for me but not very satisfying.

When I lost my job, even though it didn’t seem like it at the time, it was a blessing in disguise.  It forced me to refocus my energies on doing something I love.  And that is creating art in the form of jewelry.  I had always been connected in some way to the art world.  Many of my friends are artists and I studied art and dabbled in pastels. I lived in Greenwich Village, in NYC for a number of years before I was married, where art and artists were visible everywhere.

I also always loved jewelry.  From the time I was a small girl I would rummage through my mother’s jewelry box and try on her costume jewelry.  My mother came from a large family, with 6 girls and they all always wore interesting and beautiful jewelry. I was hooked at an early age. wire wrapped jewelry

It’s great for me to be able to experiment wth shapes and colors and work with natural gemstones..The colors that exist in nature are amazing. The earth is a colorful planet.  Not just greens and browns, what we are taught are earth tones, but vibrant purples and reds and blues and just about every color you can think of.  Taking my cue from that, I try to create ‘wearable art’. I know this term is used a lot lately, but it is truly what I am attempting to do.

I work with wire wrapping and metalwork.  Sometimes I sew necklaces using small seed beads and gemstone beads.  Very often when I start a piece, I’m not sure what the end product will be. My work is pretty much organic, and it takes shape as it progresses.  Sterling silver is great but in the past few months I have been doing a lot of work with copper.

It adds a vintage, retro feel to jewelry. My style is always evolving and I am inspired by other jewelry artists and different cultures from around the world. wire wrapped jewelryI could go on for a long time about how much I love creating jewelry, but I think you get the idea.  For many of us right now the changing economy is making us look for new ways to earn a living and the lesson I took from this is that we all have our talents and things that we love to do.

A job or business doesn’t have to be something we don’t like and that causes us stress. We can actually turn our talents and the things we love into a business and have fun doing it.  And when you enjoy your work, it becomes apparent in the things you create and in the way you view the world. I view it as a great opportunity..

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Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

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