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No More Deodorant For This Sista!!!

By: ebusinessmom Category: Alternative Health


IMG_0069Yes, no More Deodorant For This Sista!!! I am the one talking about going back to nature and actually doing everything to go back to nature, but yet I was still rubbing this “Suave” (pictured) crappy deodorant under my armpits. Shame on me!!

I gave up regular cancer-causing deodorant and it’s feels great. Another step taken towards going back to nature…and I don’t smell either!! ha! ha! Sometimes I rub this substitute under my arms and sometimes I wear nothing at all…Here’s the best substitute:

Baking Soda and Lemon

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, “your antiperspirant probably contains aluminum, and that aluminum may be absorbed into your breast tissue where it could potentially increase your risk of breast cancer or other health problems.” If you don’t want to be bothered with making your own deodorant like I do sometimes, then try this magnesium natural deodorant roll on . There are several scents to choose from, and it’s the closest you’ll get to all natural deodorant without having to make it yourself.

The Following DIY lemon and baking soda deodorant contain only 2 ingredients:

1. Lemon helps kill odor-causing bacteria.
2. The baking soda helps neutralize odor-causing acids.

What you need:

Baking soda


Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of baking soda onto 1 slice of lemon
It will fizz a little.
Wait a few seconds, and then apply on armpits.
Repeat every morning after showering for a natural, chemical free daily deodorant
Source: http://www.stepin2mygreenworld.com/healthyliving/beautytips/diy-lemon-and-baking-soda-deodorant/

Antiperspirants and Cancer

A few studies in recent years have theorized that aluminum-based antiperspirants may increase the risk for breast cancer.

According to the authors of these studies, most breast cancers develop in the upper outer part of the breast — the area closest to the armpit, which is where antiperspirants are applied. The studies suggest that chemicals in antiperspirants, including aluminum, are absorbed into the skin, particularly when the skin is nicked during shaving.

These studies claim that those chemicals may then interact with DNA and lead to cancerous changes in cells, or interfere with the action of the female hormone estrogen, which is known to influence the growth of breast cancer cells.

magnesium natural deodorant roll on

Nature Is Healing What CHEMOTHERAPY Could Not

By: ebusinessmom Category: Alternative Health

Good morning EVERYBODY!! Wow, it’s been extremely busy here.

florenceFlorence…our first CANCER visitor, who is using some of our products. She came to us via divine intervention as CHEMOTHERAPY did not work for her. She does not look sick at all. She is absolutely beautiful on the inside and it radiates on the outside. I LOVE Florence.

Florence is originally from Uganda, Africa, but resides in England with her husband and son. When she first came to Dominica a little over a week ago, she was so sick that she could not even raise her hands.

Now she can raise both of her hands above her head. She said to me day before yesterday, “Since I’ve been drinking that juice (Moringa & Cannabis) you gave me I feel so much better. My sister can’t wait to meet you.”

SomeOfOurProducts1She is on a 100% organic, raw food diet, eating only fruits, vegetables, coconuts, and juice straight from nature…no chemicals whatsoever!

If you or anyone you know have cancer or any of the diet-related diseases below, what we can do for you is help you nourish your body to increase its energy to heal itself using fresh products from the Nature Island of Dominica.

Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Stroke

NOTE: Although some Epilepsy are diet-related, we cannot offer assistance at this time for this illness, as the CBD (Cannabidiol Oil) needed in the regimen is not available at this time.


Everyday for 7 days, Carbon Concepts, LLC healing services include drinking bitter cleansing herbs three times a day (morning, noon, and evening). Patrons stay in a room with a private bathroom. There is also access to a porch with the most amazing mountain and Atlantic Ocean views…simply breathtaking.

Following is a list of our natural healing retreat services:

1. 100% raw, organic food diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts from the Nature Island of Dominica. The main nut that you would consume on a daily basis would be coconuts.

2. Coconut water straight from the nut, first thing in the morning and evening

3. Sour Sop juiced to perfection

4. Moringa and Cannabis juice made fresh with a fruit of your choice and our specialty product of Moringahemp Powder (click on the following link to purchase Moringahemp Powder): https://e-businessmoms.com/blog/products/

5. Tumeric Juice (Fruits and tumeric juiced to perfection)

6. A day at the beach (Mero Beach), Click on the following link to view info on Mero Beach: http://www.natureisland.com/SeaView.html

7. Natural Sulfur Spring Spas ( Patrons are driven to Screws Sulfur Spas and thermal springs 3 days per week )

The difference between hot and thermal springs is that thermal springs are “precipitated by volcanic activity, which means that the water has a high concentration of sulphur and phosphorous. Not so for a hot spring. A hot spring is precipitated through a bed of geolite that’s under the ground and as you know geolite is a mineral that boils water – that doesn’t necessarily make it thermal…one has sulphur and phosphorous and oxygen in large amounts…It means that the body is receiving a large amount of hydrogen iron concentration that relaxes the body immediately. It plays a very good role on the central nervous system – stress is gone immediately after you enter the water.”

Check out a Youtube video of one of the Sulfur Springs:https://www.youtube.com/embed/f7c46kzMYDA


If you or anyone you know has cancer or any of the aforementioned diet-related illnesses and need help to put the body in a healing mode, please feel free to share. For more information visit our website at http://www.CarbonConceptsLLC.com or https://www.e-businessmoms.com/blog

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