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Carbon Concepts, LLC

Carbon Concepts, LLC is the name of the business that my husband Arthurly Gerry incorporated in Dominica, and we are extremely busy growing this business. Following is some information about our business.


100_0250My name is Arthurly Gerry Carbon, and I am a returning Dominican who spent the past 25 years in the United States and United States Army. One of my primary goals has always been to return home to Dominica and to assist in the development of both human and natural resources for the betterment of the people on the Nature Island. It’s such a privilege to have my family here with me making that dream a reality. With the advancement in technology we’ve seen an increase in the world’s population and the depletion of its natural resources.

There’s an urgent need to raise the consciousness of our people towards preserving the natural resources that we have in abundance in the Nature Island, Dominica. In addition we must explore and utilize green energy sources. With the availability of over 20 acres of virgin land situated along one of the most dramatic coastlines on the island, the Atlantic Ocean, and at the foothills of mountains, it’s the perfect location for Carbon Enterprises LLC to launch its green programs. This area is prime for the development of green homes, and natural amenities and conveniences for its residence while creating employment and business opportunities for its citizens.

There are also opportunities for eco-tourism, where local assets can be restored, developed and preserved to attract visitors for the benefit of the locals. This will include a wellness resort and natural foods market, where visitors can come to restore their health and enjoy nature at its best.


Executive Summary

Carbon Concepts, LLC is a full service management company created as an umbrella company to procure multiple projects in various sectors as a means of creating jobs via sustainable green projects, renewable energy procurement, and natural health and wellness programs and projects in Dominica, West Indies.

Carbon Concept’s primary goal is to help preserve The Nature Island’s virgin forests and ecosystem and also create jobs.

Current economic trends and population demographic shows the need for new jobs, business opportunities, renewable energies from green sources. There is also a need for increase awareness in environmental conservation and preservation.

Carbon Concepts, LLC can accomplish its primary goals through the planning and construction of green housing developments with needed health food store, health food restaurant, a wellness retreat, organic farm, essential oils extracting plant, wind and solar electric generating plants.

Carbon Concepts, LLC is a full service management company in its startup stage. Our company will be located in the Southeastern part of the Eastern Caribbean Island of Dominica. Our company will provide the following products and services to our customers from across the globe:

-Natural healing retreat

– Organic produce and products

 – Green homes with renewable energy

– Healthy meals

– Spa treatments

– Massage therapies

– Herbal therapies

– Organic juice diets

– Relaxation and relaxation techniques

– Natural healing foods, products and techniques

(see food examples below)





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