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Blogs vs Articles Which One Will Make You More Money Online?

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Writing Blogs and articles are two of the most effective ways to deliver great traffic to your Internet marketing business. So, which strategy is best for you? Why not do both. They each have their unique advantages that, when used in combination, can catapult you towards success online a lot faster…and it’s a lot less work than you think it is.

There are tens of thousands of Blogs being created every single day. They’re free to join and easy to build. Best of all, they can attract targeted traffic from the search engines. The engines love Blogs because of their fresh and frequently updated content. Unlike websites, they can appear in the search engines within hours after new content is posted. You can get fast quality traffic without paying a single dime.

Blogging gives you more expressive freedom than articles do. Most article directories have submission guidelines that you must follow. Some won’t let you submit articles that directly promote products that your business may sell. Others will not allow hyperlinks inside the article body. With Blogs, you are free to express your opinions and you can link whenever and wherever you want. It’s this creative freedom that gives Blogs an advantage.

Articles have their own perks too. They’re not only free if you write them yourself, but they’re viral. They can spread automatically without much effort on your part. Although you can’t link in the body of your article, you can include it in the author’s resource box. Anyone interested in publishing your article on their website is required to keep that resource box intact. The more sites that pick up your work, the more links you’ll have circulating the Internet. If you write dozens of quality articles, they can multiply many times over throughout the web.

Asides from attracting readers who find your articles, you’ll also grab the attention of the major search engines. As your content spreads online, so will the links that point back to your Internet business. The engines will rank you higher as they discover more of your links. The traffic you get from the search engines is the most valuable you can get anywhere.

Think it’s hard to use both articles and blogs? Why not write an article, distribute it, then re-write it for your Blog. It’s actually quite easy to do. Since the article that you’ve just written is fresh in your mind, it’s easy to re-word it…but go beyond that and feel free to express yourself more on your Blog. You will receive some nice traffic as your articles are replicated all over the web…and, you get the added benefit of original content found only on your Blog – Something that will capture the attention of search engines. That’s a combination that can make a huge difference in your success online.

Articles and Blogs by themselves can play a lucrative role in your Internet marketing business. However, when used together, they can create a potentially explosive push that can help you achieve your financial goals much more quickly. Double your chances of success online with these two proven and powerful marketing strategies.

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Getting Traffic to Your Website Is A Numbers Game

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How many visitors come to your website every day? Chances are not enough! Getting traffic to your website is something you must constantly work at hand is a numbers game to a certain extent.

Ultimately the people who get the most traffic are the ones who put together a system and stick with it. Usually this comes down to mixing in paid advertising with free advertising.

Here are two of the best ways to combine these advertising methods.

Paid Advertising

1. Pay per click advertising can work for virtually any niche a business is in. Of course Google Adwords is the largest PPC search engine in the world.

However there are many excellent purchases to be made on other smaller PPC search engines. Three that come to mind include Yahoo Marketing, 7search, Bidvertiser.

Another form of paid advertising using pay per click is social network advertising. Facebook Ads have been paying back very well for people who learn how to do it correctly.

2. Purchase tools to automate as much of your business as possible. One of the most popular is to use an article submission site such as Submit Your Article.

This allows you to get more articles into the marketplace faster. Other examples of tools to automate your business to help generate traffic would include using an autoresponder for email marketing and a social bookmarking site such as Onlywire.com.

Free Advertising

1. Article marketing. It does not cost you any money to write and submit your articles. This is one proven method of generating traffic to a website that continues to perform well when done correctly.

The more articles you get into directories the more potential traffic they can bring you. There is also a skill factor involved in writing the articles.

Targeting keyword phrases can help bring you traffic from search engines when your articles begin to rank well. You can outsource article writing for a reasonable price if you do not enjoy writing.

2. Blogging. Virtually every successful Internet business has a blog.

Even if you primarily do retail sales you can benefit from a blog. Not only are they great source of traffic from the blog articles, but they can rank very well with search engines too.

Search engines love fresh content and blogging helps give you that. It is also a good way to build a subscriber base either through email marketing or through your RSS feed.

Ultimately getting traffic to your website is a numbers game and you must play the numbers. Doing a combination of paid advertising and free advertising is the best way to maximize your exposure and increase your website traffic.

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