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6 Sure-Fire Ways To Enhance Blog Traffic

By: Katherine Droguett Category: How To - Website Traffic

blog trafficBeing deeply involved with network marketing, a significant part of my professional time is spent answering questions related to blog traffic optimization. With more and more people jumping on the blogging bandwagon, the desire to increase blog traffic to enhance online presence is also increasing. So, I thought it would be worth sharing my strategies and experience here.

1. Start with a good Blogging Software

For blogging, select a CMS that best meets your goals and niche requirements. It can make a huge difference. If you are a professional and wish to stand out from the crowd, you can choose a customized platform. These blogs can be modified according to your taste and give you a personalized feel.

However, for most of the users, popular choices like Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, will be fine. Make sure the look and feel of your blog is easy on the eyes. Let your imagination lose for elements like commenting, archiving, multiple feeds, sub-pages, user accounts, categorization etc.

2. Attach Appealing Title Tags

Appealing title tags are proven to attract more RSS feed subscribers and visitors to your blog. Make your title tag after a lot of thinking. Choose a magnetic, snappy, and catchy line as your title tag. It can also be humorous as long as you can keep it attractive. Sites like WordTracker and Overture allow users to better target traffic by giving suggestions regarding phrasing or ordering of title tags.

3. Join Forums and Blogs Related to your Niche

No matter how petite your niche size is, you are sure to bump into some related blogs. These places already have a lot of discussion going on about your industry. You can post appropriate comments on the posts on these websites or blogs. Your comments can work as a magnet to attract readers to your blog.

This is a surefire way to increase blog traffic. Search Technorati and Del.icio.us to find blogs and forums which serve your realm’s interests.

4. Tag Your Blog’s Content

Perhaps, the first place to tag your posts is Technorati. I suggest having relative tags pointing directly to your desired Technorati searches. Besides this, other good places include Flickr and del.icio.us. Tagged content can also divert traffic from popular websites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

5. Let a Celebrity Blogger ‘Do It’ for You

Inviting a celebrity or well known blogger of your niche to write a short blog post can increase your popularity overnight. This can not only enhance your blog’s reader base but also earn you quality branded links. To convince such a person, you can flatter his/her celebrity status or actively take part on his blog/form. However, prior to posting, ensure that you make the necessary amendments and that the guest blogger agrees to your terms.

6. Nurture your Tribe

Tribe refers to your dynamic followers or group you are associated with. With social media erupting at an enormous pace, search engines like Google and Yahoo are giving more importance to a blogger’s ability to attract people. Higher the number of people following you, the more traffic you’ll have on your blog. This not only gives you an opportunity to connect real time with your visitors but also enhances direct sales and Alexa rankings.

You can use Twitter and Facebook as a means to build a tribe. However, the tribe members should be related to your niche rather than being a homogenous crowd of social marketing mavens. Also, do read one of my recent posts where I have mentioned how a service called ‘Unified tribe’ can increase your visitor count.

These tips are just a tip of the iceberg. There are, literally, limitless ways to increase blog traffic. Even though, blogging is a highly crowded field, these tips will definitely give you a head start.

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Blogs vs Articles Which One Will Make You More Money Online?

By: vernette Category: Make Blogs

Writing Blogs and articles are two of the most effective ways to deliver great traffic to your Internet marketing business. So, which strategy is best for you? Why not do both. They each have their unique advantages that, when used in combination, can catapult you towards success online a lot faster…and it’s a lot less work than you think it is.

There are tens of thousands of Blogs being created every single day. They’re free to join and easy to build. Best of all, they can attract targeted traffic from the search engines. The engines love Blogs because of their fresh and frequently updated content. Unlike websites, they can appear in the search engines within hours after new content is posted. You can get fast quality traffic without paying a single dime.

Blogging gives you more expressive freedom than articles do. Most article directories have submission guidelines that you must follow. Some won’t let you submit articles that directly promote products that your business may sell. Others will not allow hyperlinks inside the article body. With Blogs, you are free to express your opinions and you can link whenever and wherever you want. It’s this creative freedom that gives Blogs an advantage.

Articles have their own perks too. They’re not only free if you write them yourself, but they’re viral. They can spread automatically without much effort on your part. Although you can’t link in the body of your article, you can include it in the author’s resource box. Anyone interested in publishing your article on their website is required to keep that resource box intact. The more sites that pick up your work, the more links you’ll have circulating the Internet. If you write dozens of quality articles, they can multiply many times over throughout the web.

Asides from attracting readers who find your articles, you’ll also grab the attention of the major search engines. As your content spreads online, so will the links that point back to your Internet business. The engines will rank you higher as they discover more of your links. The traffic you get from the search engines is the most valuable you can get anywhere.

Think it’s hard to use both articles and blogs? Why not write an article, distribute it, then re-write it for your Blog. It’s actually quite easy to do. Since the article that you’ve just written is fresh in your mind, it’s easy to re-word it…but go beyond that and feel free to express yourself more on your Blog. You will receive some nice traffic as your articles are replicated all over the web…and, you get the added benefit of original content found only on your Blog – Something that will capture the attention of search engines. That’s a combination that can make a huge difference in your success online.

Articles and Blogs by themselves can play a lucrative role in your Internet marketing business. However, when used together, they can create a potentially explosive push that can help you achieve your financial goals much more quickly. Double your chances of success online with these two proven and powerful marketing strategies.

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