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Blog or Website? Which is Better?

By: vernette Category: Make Blogs

Learn how to create a blog here

Duration : 0:9:43

[youtube Jq1wqtteb3I]

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25 Comments to “Blog or Website? Which is Better?”

  1. charcoalandpencil says:

    thanks again lisa. …
    thanks again lisa. Just curious, what state do you live in?

  2. Lisa … incredible …
    Lisa … incredible

    There I walk through my life to random places and suddenly I end up here.
    This video (and your website) seem to be the most useful I have come across to in a very long time.

    Career minded, talented, beautiful, very intelligent, friendly, charismatic, sweet, fast, logical, honest, real, communicative, … are the attributes coming to my mind when watching you.
    Thank you for that.

  3. lisa3876 says:

    Wow, thank you!!
    Wow, thank you!!

  4. Are you a mom? I’m …
    Are you a mom? I’m only curious…

  5. khasruabid says:

    you made a good …
    you made a good website

  6. ChrisB201cab says:

    Could you discuss …
    Could you discuss putting google ads on youtube videos, how this works, I know not everyone can do this? Could you explain

  7. kumbaso18 says:

    you have to be a …
    you have to be a youtube partner, you have to have alot of subscribers and video views.

  8. derektheproducer says:

    don’t worry about …
    don’t worry about your hair, your always beautiful!

  9. sweetywheaty says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for doing a vid on this topic. I was looking for info on this very subject! Oh, and I wish I could look as great as you do on a BHD!

  10. oneup38668 says:

    Wow. There is a …
    Wow. There is a LOT of value in that video! Good job.

  11. vannakej says:

    Hi Lisa, very nice …
    Hi Lisa, very nice job i like what you do.
    M a starter, you are good helper.

  12. gdigenerator says:

    Excellent Video. …
    Excellent Video. Useful Information and Well Presented. Worth Watching. Thanks

  13. IPCprogramhelp says:

    im on my way to …
    im on my way to sucess girl! haha

  14. matthewsutubechannel says:

    i use both, blog + …
    i use both, blog + webby. But blog for me is for me to express my opinions, and website is to promote an display pictures, embed games, or make a wiki page, etc. Im using wordpress, Wp Mu, and buddypress, phpbb , and xhtml on my site, and i use coda to edit my site, but it is sure hard to edit, cuz i have to backup my stuff alot. I do agree with you, blogs attract visitors to subscribe to see what your thinking about 😀 well said Lisa

  15. TechHelpPC says:

    Hey Lisa, I wanted …
    Hey Lisa, I wanted to ask something. If I put a download up on my website, is there a way for me to know how many people downloaded the file?

  16. lisa3876 says:

    You can track …
    You can track downloads through Google Analytics.

  17. SNEHASONIYA says:

    thanks a lot for …
    thanks a lot for this video 🙂

  18. TeleporterM11 says:

    i tend to admire a …
    i tend to admire a girl for her brain.You hit the subjects right out of the park.. You add quality and freshness to youtube.amazing intellect.

  19. Looking good hair …
    Looking good hair day, bad hair day, good day, holiday, memorial day, labor day. all seriousness, I like your money website page and the points that you make. I’m a photography major with a website and graphic b.g. I had taken an e-commerce class year ago; planning is discussed and a necessity.

  20. Kicker544 says:

    I about Adsense on …
    I about Adsense on the Internet but i dont really know how to use it. one thing i dont get is that if you have to own a business or somenthing? where do you get the lynks from? If you could help me i would really appreciate it. Thanks

  21. dazzlek101 says:

    Great explanation! …
    Great explanation! Thank you Lisa:)

  22. talkingsuccess says:

    what about a video …
    what about a video blog and not a lot of written content???????????

  23. lisa3876 says:

    I actually know …
    I actually know someone who makes most of her money from YouTube and has no blog. But she has nearly 30,000 subscribers and over 150 videos. She makes most of her money from the YouTube partner program. So if you can become popular on YouTube you can do very well with video only.

  24. TheweeStevoshow says:

    soooo planned baby
    soooo planned baby

  25. baileygeraghty says:

    nice vid im …
    nice vid im starting to make ablog and thabks for the warnings


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