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Are You Interested In Studying Medical Transcription?

By: ebusinessmom Category: Transcription

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4 Comments to “Are You Interested In Studying Medical Transcription?”

  1. Thanks for this useful info because I deliver a younger sister and she wants to join this field as her career and I think your blog will help her a great deal to understand the facts about the medical transcription.. I bookmarked your blog because I want to learn more through your blog. Keep sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this post here because I want to pursue my career in medical transcription. The medical world is too big to understand for everyone and it provide new challenges every day. Your blog help’s me a lot to get right direction. I would like to say a big thanks to you.

  3. A major thing to look for in training is AHDI approval. I would also suggest getting your RMT certification. Just another credentail to put on your resume.

  4. A second ago unintentionally stumbled on this website article, this is useful information. Thanks


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