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Below is an article from Eva Green, the owner of an online Ad Space Broker.  She explains in this article what services she offers as an Ad Space Broker to small business owners.  She tells her story of how she went from suffering Ad Spacefrom information overload online to finally finding her niche market as an Ad Space Broker.  If you are reading this and you are sick and tired of purchasing program after program promising overnight riches, then this would be of encouragement to you.

Ad Space Broker…

How Did This Happen?

How did I finally, after 2 years, give or take a moment – have a company and work that fits me perfectly.  I will start from the beginning.  When I first started online, I had just lost my job – due to the bank crisis, I’d already been working from home as a loan officer, helping people get mortgages. It was natural for me to work “from home” and I had already developed the discipline, to sit down at my desk at a certain time …and stay there.

I Had No Idea What I Could Do Online…

I had no idea what I could do “online” – perhaps customer services, answering phone calls or any jobs like that. But it wasn’t that easy to get them – most were commissions and …there was no job security, nothing that would protect me from getting laid off again and again. At my age of 64, that was definitely not what I wanted to keep happening.

Just as everyone says and writes and complains about, It does seem to take about 2 years to learn the ropes – really not that bad if you think how long people have to go to school to learn a new trade, or skill. I tried all kinds of different things, and like everyone else started to collect WSOs (that’s warrior special offers from Warrior forum.com) and little zip folders with promises of riches in them, commonly called shiny object syndrome started to fill up my hard drive.

Money Making Programs Collecting Dust On Your Hard drive?

One big thing I still haven’t quite figured out – is the paralysis to overcome and actually act on the stuff we buy. Perhaps it’s a psychological barrier – thinking we won’t be successful?  I just want all noobs (or newbies) to be aware. Everyone has these unopened things collecting dust on their hard drives. Don’t make out mistakes. Return them…LOL that’s even worse, because …some day we may open these. Yes, I have more that 4 gigabytes of them..that’s a lot in case you don’t know.

Ad Space BrokerI made a list – more than once, of the things I like, but the most important task is to start with something – anything, just do it.  I started writing articles for businesses and published them – and while doing this found others doing the same (we all bought the same WSO – that’s why) and we started to work in small groups – VERY smart. This way we stuck together in each others company and also guidance, wit h everyone bringing some talent or experience from their past – to the table.

After a few months we little by little felt more comfortable with one thing and gained more confidence with another and in a gradual development – drifted apart. Now we outsource to each other, meaning – we do jobs for each other when needed, and we have the time.

Finding Your Niche…

We all found our niche, and that’s a real important part – finding your niche – your spot in the market place. I think it has to happen organically, because you don’t know from the beginning snce the opportunities are literally endless. You’re like a kid in a candy store full of wonderful flavors and smells and you have to chose just ONE – just one? Yes…Impossible, right?

I wish I could tell you that my raw intelligence got me where I am today, but this is how it really happened. I was looking for something to sell on one of my blogs (as an affiliate), and while looking, I literally stumbled over this advertisement which aroused my curiosity. I listened to the entire sales letter…if you haven’t found out yet – they are longer than a roll of toilette paper, and they are so well written that you’ll want to mortgage your house and pawn your new lawn tractor to buy it.  Well yeah…but this one…this one was cheap. So I didn’t have to pawn anything.

Later – after the fact (well everything online comes with a 30, 60 or even year long guarantee for a refund) well- after the fact I went to the warrior forum and checked to see if others bought that program and how they liked it. To my utter surprise, people didn’t. They thought it was too much work. I thought – awesome – means not too many will create a business from this. I can’t begin to tell you, after my initial shock, how excited I was when the creator of my program closed it to the public – forever. I wanted to print it out and put it on my wall. I emailed him and thanked him.

Net Space Broker Was Born…

Ad Space BrokerThis is how Net space Broker, an online ad space broker came about. Just as businesses would have their advertisements in a news paper, they can now come to my company and we will set up their personal online advertisement on an already ranking page for about the same price they paid for a decent ad in a paper. Advertising in newspapers has dropped tremendously, and businesses need to be visible online to attract new clients or customers. We will sell ad space in as many locations as possible.

When I saw his ad the first time, and I felt the nudge, I acted on it and I will make it into the largest online advertising leasing agency there is. We will do their google places and provide additional service a business may want or need. By the end of 2011 or goal is to have 3000 websites online. I completely streamlined the company and it will be able to exist and be run by just a few people…why? Because it’s ON LINE. I can have this business in any English speaking country (England, Australia, Canada..and US..just for starters.) A staff of three can run this business, and they can run it from their home(s) – again, because it is on line.

Working Online…The Opportunity Of Your Lifetime…

I want to encourage everyone to look at online work as the opportunity of your lifetime – yess it will take some experimenting and some struggle and perseverance. But the only way you can fail  -is by not trying. There are millions of opportunity – online work is not an emergency solution  – it is no a “solution” it is the opportunity of a lifetime. There are no glass ceilings, no limits to income, no limits as to how large of a business you can or want to grow – no commuting, no-one telling you when you can take a break or how many meetings to hold and attend.

There are a few musts – self discipline – perseverance – smiling after 12 hours of working. I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep sitting up in my office chair, waking up and going back to work. Only expense – a very comfortable ergonomic work station – or you will hurt!

You Need A Mentor…

Ad Space BrokerAnother very strong advice – coaching, someone to talk to – a forum perhaps, signing up with warrior forum as a paid member. Where you can go anytime you want and “talk” to others who are also working online – perhaps have more experience. Interact – they will be your work community. Sign up with Skype for easy communication.

You will appreciate their kindness, politeness, patience, humor and also to a large part – their intelligence. If you show those same traits and are also willing to pay it forward by sharing your experiences, never tear down another – be diplomatic – say nothing before you say something negative – give back twice as much as you take –  you will have a great solid online community.

You’re In Good Hands With e-BusinessMoms

I also want to add, since you are reading my little story on this site – here – you are in the best of hands! E-businessmom’s site is a safe haven filled with good solid information and assistance in form of helpful videos and articles – Vernette Carbon is an online expert with the patience of a saint. This is her dream business (nope, not a charity) which she created over many years – because she cares, she wants to help.

She cares that you are as successful as you dare to be. I can’t count how many times I contacted her with a meek “help please?” That was before she had all of the videos to answer more than all questions anyone can think of – so don’t …call her.

Remember the online rules – to always give back twice of what you get. So unless you want to mow her lawn and pay her family’s mortgage – don’t… LOL.  If she ever decides to offer a course.. Gosh, take it – by all means! It’ll cut off a large part of the trial and error I had to go through, make some money and keep learning until you stumble over your dream job, business or ideas which make you instantly wealthy – online anything can and will happen.

Eva – proud owner of www.netspacebroker.com



REF: Ad Space 

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Dallas architects April 6, 2012 at 7:07 pm

I have been contacted by an ad broker before. Now granted I did not know who or what they were and though it was a scam. After reading this I might have to look into it.
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Michel Rahr February 20, 2012 at 11:00 pm

I’d always want to be update on new blog posts on this site, bookmarked!

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ruby knoxs October 26, 2011 at 5:48 am

That’s a great business idea…ad space broker. I’m going to google it and visit Eva’s site. Would like more info on it. Thanks for the information.

ebusinessmom November 10, 2011 at 11:52 am

Great! I’m sure Eva would love that.

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