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7 Ways Of Getting Self Employed Benefits For Homebased Independent Contractors

There are many benefits of working from home a an independent contractor. However it sucks when there are very little self employed benefits for independent contractors whether they are homebased or not. Although contractors do not have all the benefits that 9-5 employees enjoy, they usually make enough money to pay for their own.

However for the Independent contractors that are not making enough to pay for benefits that are available to 9-5 employees, there are other options available. They can get affordable health insurance quotes from 114+ companies. Just type in your information and they will match you with specific companies based on your needs. For dental plans check out

Also, in order to reduce the high cost of health insurance you can join a group health insurance plan like I did and reduce the level of coverage, increase your deductible, and pay annual premiums rather than monthly or quarterly, etc. For more info on this check out National Association For The Self-Employed . Also, on another note, you can contribute to a self-employed 401k plan by visiting Invest Safe to request a free information kit on the self-employed and small business owner 401k.

Note: Some agencies like MBO Partners provides a way for contractors and freelancers to build successful independent careers by providing the backup support for small businesses and independent contractors, and consultants, etc. Let them do all of your paperwork like taking care of taxes and not worrying about dealing with the IRS. They provide a multitude of services. After you have your benefit plan in place, then you can get started on acquiring independent contracts. You can use some of the tips and strategies in this directory for landing an independent contract.

TIP: Looking for an independent contract? Here is my tip to acquiring general transcription contracts. I acquired a couple independent contractor transcription jobs by just visiting the web sites of various transcription companies and sent an email asking if they have any vacancies.

I also attached my cover letter and resume. I was actually hired by two General Transcription companies using this method. And by the way, one of the companies was the best company that I’ve ever worked for as a general transcriptionist. I actually got this job by going to the yahoo search engine and typing in the words, “General Transcription companies.” I then took the time to go through each site that appeared on the Yahoo search engine. Some companies were hiring, and I applied.

The companies that did not have a “jobs, “employment,” tab, etc., I clicked on the “Contact” tab and sent them an email asking if they had any transcription vacancies. Again, I attached my cover letter and resume. I would suggest that you use your discretion when going this route. Many companies do not want to be inundated with inquiries. I felt safe going this route because transcription companies are always looking for qualified transcriptionists due to a shortage of qualified transcriptionists.

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