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10 Essential Oils For Human Survival

essential oilsWhy in the world am I posting a picture of myself looking pitiful  with Noni Leaves plastered on my face? Well, I’m trying to make a statement that could save your life. How???

Well before I explain, first let me ask you this question….what would you do if there was a pandemic or medical emergency situation like what happened during Katrina, the 1918 influenza pandemic, 1957 influenza pandemic, or the 1968 influenza pandemic?

Would you and family survive without a doctor or a hospital to turn to? How would you take care of your family’s medical needs?  What I’m about to share with you is one of the most IMPORTANT posts I’ve ever made online.

You might be thinking that the hospitals would always be open and you would always have your doctor to turn to in any medical emergency situation especially if you live in America. Well you might be in for a big surprise. As I mentioned above…the most recent situation was Katrina where federal, state, and local disaster plans did not include provisions for keeping hospitals functioning during a large-scale emergency, the National Disaster Medical System was ill-prepared for providing medical care to patients who needed it, and there was no coordinated system for recruiting, deploying, and managing volunteers.  Also many Gulf coast residents were separated from their medical records.

The government (FEMA) has been preparing for a mass pandemic for quite some time now. Are you prepared?   Don’t believe me? Google it!  Go to the and do some snooping there and you will see for yourself.  To save you a trip to the website, here’s a direct quote:

“The lessons CDC learned about its emergency response capabilities when stretched to the wall during Katrina are invaluable.  CDC has taken those lessons to heart because it must now prepare to face a yet unknown influenza virus that could travel the globe in weeks, kill as many as 2-million Americans, and cause great harm to our economy.”

Do you know that millions of Americans and people around the world died during those past influenza pandemics? Did you know that you can protect yourself and family by using herbs and essential oils? Yes you can!!!

The attached picture of myself was just the beginning of a nasty rash that appeared on my face a couple months ago, and I used Noni leaves to cover the rash, and soothe the awful itch.

100_0934I also had to use another herb called St. John’s Wort to heal the rash because it ended up spreading to other parts of my body. I had to play doctor…ha ha! Well, it was actually no laughing matter. It got ugly very quickly.  I will share with you how ugly it got in another article. St. John’s Wort is a green leaf (pictured) that turns red when boiled.  It’s amazing all the things that it can do!!!  That’s a whole other long story by itself.  If you don’t know how and what to use to heal your body, then you’re leaving yourself and family without shields in the midst of a battlefield.

You see, my hubby and I have been experimenting, treating, and strengthening our immune systems on a daily basis with essential oils, and herbs. Many of these herbs grow wild in Dominica and these essential oils work like magic for healing all kinds of ailments.  I want to share with you how you can obtain these essential oils if you can’t find them growing around you.

I want to share some very important info with you on how you can prevent common ailments, treat diseases and although I can get in trouble with the “sick” FDA for using the word, “cure”, I’ll take my chances and use the word because I know what nature can do.  Yes, you can cure diseases, and heal yourself and family in case of a pandemic using essential oils.  There…I said it!

By the way, antibiotics do not kill viruses, essential oils do. If a global pandemic like Ebola comes along, you will be able to take care of yourself and your family. It’s your life and you can avoid a trip to FEMA Camp. You don’t want to end up there.

NOTE: I like to add hemp and moringa to any tea that I make on a daily basis or I drink these two and call it my M&M tea (Moringa & Marijuana) tea. No, it does not make us high.  Of course “Marijuana” is a “dirty” word to the sick Pharmaceutical industry because it would put them out of business. So let’s say hemp or cannibus, which are the legal terms. It is the biggest immune booster, healer…. no matter what they say.

PIC_2712Last year when everyone around us in Dominica was sick with that awful Chickungunya, my family was untouched. Why? Well, M&M tea is the key.  It  is what I add to my children’s tea everyday. They like Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Ginger tea and I just add M&M to it. By the way, if there was nothing else left on the planet to eat, you could survive on just water and Moringa or water and Hemp seeds. Yes, it’s true. By the way, Chickungunya and even Ebola is no match for my M&M tea…ha ha!!

So let’s talk about essential oils and where you can obtain them or how you can grow your own medicine.  First, it’s important to note that most essential oils don’t have a shelf life (with the exception of citrus essential oils which should be replaced annually ). So most of them will outlive you and I. They are all natural with no harmful side effects, often more effective than Western medicine.

Essential oils are not expensive.  Think about how much it would cost to spend just one day in the hospital.  No comparison!  You can grow these medicinal plants easily and use an Essential Oil Distiller to remove the oil or water from the plant like my hubby does.  Essential oils heal extremely fast, and they are ultra potent (only a few drops goes a long way towards healing). Imagine, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! Yes, that’s true! We distill our own oils.

We bought our Essential Oil Distiller from Amazon. Also, you can grow your own medicine by visiting

When you invest in pure essential oils you’re providing your family a security knowing that you can take care of most health needs efficiently, without side effects. This is just another means of self-sufficiency.  Nothing beats being able to take care of yourself and family’s basic medical needs.  Now let me share with you a list of essential oils that should be in your medicine cabinet.  Here’s an important list of what many essential oil experts consider to be the top 10 most important Emergency essential oils to have on hand.

Following are the 10 essential oils (100% Pure Essential Oil Spark Naturals Health & Wellness Kit) that you should have in your medicine cabinet:

1. Lavender: Lavender is the “Swiss Army knife” of essential oils. Lavender is a powerful antihistamine, heals burns, cuts, relieve insomnia, reduces stress, heals bug bites, bruises, helps you to fall asleep quickly, heals sunburn, lice, inflammation. It is soothing to skin irritations, earache and also helps stop depression. Lavender is the number one essential oil to have in your survival kit, in fact I highly recommend that you have multiple bottles on hand. Throw one in your purse.

2. Lemon: Lemon is known for it’s cleansing ability. I like to drink a glass of lemon water every morning for daily detoxing. You can add a few drops to water to purify and cleanse. This is also great for intestinal parasites. It also dissolves petrochemicals in your body, effective for colds and flu, helps digestive and liver work, gout, sore throat, disinfectant, antiseptic.

3. Peppermint: I love peppermint tea! I have peppermint growing in several pots on the porch. Peppermint is effective for nausea, digestive issues, allergies, menstrual problems, reduces fever, increase alertness, focus and oxygen absorption. It is great for headaches, and muscle aches. I gave it to my son the other day for a headache and runny nose. It was gone in no time. It’s also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and you can use it for colds, colic and heartburn.

4. Oregano: Oregano is effective in treating yeast infections and bacterial infections. It relieves back and joint pain, cold and flu, kills warts and skin tags, athlete’s foot, effective cleanse for GI health. I love to cook with oregano.

5. Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil or Melaleuca is great as a first aid ointment. It’s good for skin irritations, bug bites, athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis. Tea tree oil also aids in immune function, supports against throat and respiratory pathogens, and helps with slivers in the skin.I was told that tea tree oil is the most effective oil when dealing with any kind of skin issue. I love tea tree oil, but there is an herb in Dominica that I’ve used that I find works much faster than Tea Tree Oil. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about that here. Let’s continue with the benefits of tea tree oil. Tea Tree Oil can be applied to the skin as part of a daily cleansing program. I like to add it to my foot soaks that I do a couple times per week. You can use it with shampoo or conditioner for healthy hair and scalp. Apply it to feet and toenails after showering, swimming or working out.

6. Myrrh: I remember first hearing about Myrrh from the Bible…Myrrh is great for antiseptic needs, pain relief and swelling of cuts, wounds or bruises. Can be applied on open wounds. Stimulates the immune system and blood circulation, promotes tissue regeneration. It has astringent and analgesic properties, eases coughing/tonsillitis and other infections.

7. Clove: In Dominica most people cook with clove especially when they stew chicken or fish. I use clove in drinks like mauby, sorrel and add it to tea also. Cloves, with its antibiotic and analgesic properties help relieve toothaches, headaches, and other pain. Cloves can be used to draw toxins and infections from the body. Cloves also aids in relieving nausea or constipation.

8. Frankincense: Another one that I know about from the Bible…Frankincense enhances the effects of other essential oils, reduces inflammation, relieves headaches, supports skin tissue recovery, soothe hyperactivity, restlessness, facilitates clarity and focus of mind. Frankincense, with it’s regenerative properties, is a very important essential oil in all manner of emergencies.

9. Lemongrass: It’s sheer madness how Lemongrass grows all over the place here in my neighborhood like weed. We just go outside pick it, and make tea, as we do with so many other herbs. They are wild things here. Lemongrass soothes sore and cramping muscles. It is also naturally cleansing, warms feet in winter, and it is an effective bug repellent. I love to make tea with it, let it cool, add some lime, sweeten it with some organic maple syrup and enjoy over ice. Yummy!!

10. Helichrysum: Helichrysum is for painful bruising, sprains, swelling. Helichrysum stems bleeding. It is used to treat shock, help with broken
bones, help with allergies, beneficial against infections and viruses. Excellent for wounds, speeds healing and reduces pain.

You can use essential oils topically by applying directly to the skin during massage therapy. You can use essential oils by diffusing in a room using a vaporizer to purify the air or to change emotion. You can also take essential oils internally by consuming as a dietary supplement for targeted wellness. The best way to apply essential oils topically is at the bottom of your feet.

It’s moves quickly through the bloodstream when applied to the bottom of the feet. When consuming internally you must make sure that the essential oils are 100% pure grade because not all essential oils in the stores are for internal consumption. If you need to dilute an essential oil for young sensitive skin, use vegetable oil, not water. I recommend coconut or extra virgin olive oil to dilute.

Now let’s talk about blending some of the oils together for healing and immune support:

1. Respiratory Blend: (A combination of Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, lemon, Ravensara, Cardamon,and Tea Tree Oil). This blend is to use topically to maintain clear airways and breathing. You can add to a vaporizer (GreenAir SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy) or add to the bottom of the feet. This oil blend helps ease respiratory distress by opening the airways, clears the lungs and sinuses of congestion, promotes restful sleep and relaxation. This is ideal for those with asthma and allergies.

GreenAir SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

2. Digestive Blend: (Ginger, peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel, Caraway, Coriander and Anise). This blend is especially good if you’ve eaten something that was tainted. It relieves digestive discomforts such as food poisoning, acid reflux, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea, helps support digestive function. You can rub the blend on your stomach to ease digestive discomfort, nausea, or motion sickness. Take internally at meal times to support healthy, comfortable digestion.

3. Immune Deffense: (Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, lemon, tea tree). This blend is a very important blend for staying healthy. It eliminates airborne pathogens, supports immune function, prevents colds, sore throats and influenza, inhibits MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, stops growth of viruses and bacteria and aids in mold inhibition.You can diffuse this in a room to reduce environmental threats, dilute in a spray bottle to clean door knobs, spray affected surfaces, etc., use as a protective mouth rinse. You can take a few drops internally also.

If you cannot produce your own essential oils, I highly recommend 100% Pure Essential Oil Spark Naturals Health & Wellness Kit

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