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How To Start A Solar Panel Installation Business – Here Are 7 Tips…

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How to start a solar panel installation business…

how to start a solar panel installation businessMany people are focusing on become self-sufficient due to the uncertainty of the economy and all of the drastic changes taking place.  People are creating green houses to plant their own herbs, quick-growing greens, etc.  Many people are also downsizing and moving into “Tiny Homes.”

It’s easy to cut back on things like Cable TV and the grocery bill, but the energy bill is not one you can easily skimp on. For the homeowners who live in a 4-season climate, the Winter bills could be a “Killer.” I know one homeowner who pays anywhere from $495 – $550 monthly just to heat her home. The local energy companies are collecting while homeowners are “Crying.” Well you know what, there is a solution for homeowners that would not mind spending the money up front to save money in the long run..Solar Panels.  Solar panel installation has been extremely beneficial for many homeowners.

Imagine installing solar panels in your home and never look at another electric bill again.  Wouldn’t that be magical?  You just plug the solar panels into a socket.  Then power is pumped into your electrical system.  The only problem is, they can be extremely expensive.  One solar panel can cost anywhere from $600 and more at Amazon.com. Although some homeowners choose to install their own solar panel, most people do not want to take the time to learn how to install solar panels on their own. So this is where you come in. You can install your own solar panels in one weekend, and then turn around and help other homeowners save money by offering affordable solar panel installation services. Once you’ve installed your solar panel, you can be on your way to a successful solar panel installation business.

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How to Start a Solar-Power Business …

By an eHow Contributor

As fuel costs keep rising, people begin to consider alternate forms of power. Other people consider alternate forms of power a business opportunity. One such business is a solar-power business.

Explore the various ways to start a solar power business. One method is to buy a franchise from a solar panel manufacturer, and pay for the dealership.

Incorporate your business, and get business insurance, as you will either be installing the solar systems yourself or hiring someone to do so.

Get training in the solar systems and how to install them. Buy the necessary equipment from the manufacturer (which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer). Part if the equipment should be a model system which can be used to conduct demonstrations.

how to start a solar installation business4
Submit an article to the newspaper to advertise your solar system business.

Hold an open house where you can invite people to see the system in operation. Send invitations to contractors and builders as well as anyone you can think of.

Speak at organizations about your solar system business and attend trade fairs and demonstrate the solar systems.

Educate customers about the tax credits that may be available for alternate power systems in their state.

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Solar power is beginning to go mainstream

by Associated Press | Oct 23, 2011 2:05 PM ET

NEW YORK — Solar energy may finally get its day in the sun.

The high costs that for years made it impractical as a mainstream source of energy are plummeting. Real estate companies are racing to install solar panels on office buildings. Utilities are erecting large solar panel “farms” near big cities and in desolate deserts. And creative financing plans are making solar more realistic than ever for homes.

Solar power installations doubled in the United States last year and are expected to double again this year. More solar energy is being planned than any other power source, including nuclear, coal, natural gas and wind.

“We are at the beginning of a turning point,” says Andrew Beebe, who runs global sales for Suntech Power, a manufacturer of solar panels.

how to start a solar installation businessSolar’s share of the power business remains tiny. But its promise is great. The sun splashes more clean energy on the planet in one hour than humans use in a year, and daytime is when power is needed most. And solar panels can be installed near where people use power, reducing or eliminating the costs of moving power through a grid.

Solar power has been held back by costs. It’s still about three times more expensive than electricity produced by natural gas, according to estimates by the Energy Information Administration.

But the financial barriers are falling fast. Solar panel prices have plunged by two-thirds since 2008, making it easier for installers to market solar’s financial benefits, and not simply its environmental ones. Homeowners who want to go solar can do so for free and pay the same or less for their power.

Last month two of the nation’s biggest utilities, Exelon and NextEra Energy, each acquired a large California solar power farm in the early stages of development. Another utility, NRG Energy, has announced a plan with Bank of America and the real estate firm Prologis to spend $1.4 billion to install solar systems on 750 commercial rooftops.

Nationwide, solar power installations grew by 102 percent from 2009 to 2010, by far the fastest rate in the past five years.

“Every manufacturer globally is looking around for the next major growth market, and the U.S. is the first one everyone points to,” says Shayle Kann, managing director for solar research at GTM Research.

Making solar affordable still requires large tax breaks and other subsidies from federal and state governments. The main federal subsidy pays for 30 percent of the cost of a residential system. When state and other subsidies are added, as much as 75 percent of the cost can be covered.

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How to start a solar panel installation business

How to start a solar panel installation business

How to start a solar panel installation business

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