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How To Increase Blog Traffic With Four Free Traffic Techniques That Work

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Blog Traffic Tips

If you do not have website/blogtraffic flowing freely to your blog daily, you have no business…plain and simple. This is a problem many blog owners fight with. Traffic is the life blood of your business. Well, not just more website trafficany traffic, but targeted traffic.

Highly targeted blog traffic. Who in the world wants a bunch of people flooding their blog that has no interest in what is being offered?
Now if you are struggling with traffic, what I am about to share with you is going to make you happy. Before I do, I want to let you know that 90% of all businesses on the Internet do not generate enough traffic. No traffic equals no sales, and no sales equal no business. So what in the world do you do? How do you increase blog traffic and do so without spending a dime? Well following are four strategies that I stick to…nothing else.

1. Article marketing

Make sure that the articles that you submit to article directories are all seo optimized. I post articles on my money blogs first. I then submit my articles to ezinearticle, and then I use one of Incansoft’s products, ArticleBot (optional) to submit that same article to over 300 article directories. I do not spin my articles. I used to have my articles spun using one of the best article submission services, Unique Article Wizard. When going that route, what you end up with is a bunch of crap articles that no one enjoys reading. Quality content is king.

2. Video Marketing

I recently started using videos the right way. I used to put up videos and hope for the best. Now what I do is convert those articles into videos using Article Video Robot. After I convert the articles to videos, I upload my video to Youtube. I link (anchor) my written article to that article video on Youtube. This is linked from the article’s bio or resource box.

Then the next step is to add a second link in the bio box that links that aticle back to my blog. I do this mainly for my money blogs. The video on youtube also gets a link back to my blog in the description box. I also paste the entire article in that Youtube description box. That’s something new that I am doing. So what you have here is a powerful backlinking system that Google loves. I got one of my blog at number 3 on google in a short space of time doing this five times in one week. It works.

3. Press Releases

Press releases are powerful. They can get indexed in google in as little as 24-48 hours. PRlog is a great press release submission site. Press releases are indexed within a couple hours using Prlog. That is from experience. Press releases are also submitted to free press release sites, at least 15 of them. I don’t pay PR submission services to have my press releases submitted. There is really no need to.

4. Social Bookmarking Automation Plugins

I automate some of my traffic getting strategies using free WordPress plugins. Onlywire is a great plugin for social bookmarking. Using Shorten2ping or Pingomatic (let the search engine know that I updated my blog) every time a new blog post is made does wonders as far is traffic is concerned. It is all automated. The twitter plugin Tweetsuite should be added to your list of social bookmarking plugins.

There are several other strategies I have used in the past to increase blog traffic, but was all over the place and decided to stick with what I mentioned here. They say, KISS…Keep It Simple Stupid. That is exactly what I am doing. You can do the same and increase your blog traffic.

I wrote the article above before adding the news article below on how “Mobile Devices Account for a Growing Portion of Web Traffic,” Mobile marketing is huge now because if you don’t have a cell phone, you are considered out of touch with reality. Most people log onto the internet using their cell phones and not a computer. So what does that mean? Well businesses, blogs, websites…if they don’t apply mobile marketing to their source of driving traffic to their sites, then they are losing out an a lot of customers. Check the article below from the NY Times…

Mobile Devices Account for a Growing Portion of Web Traffic

Blog Traffic

The prediction that Internet traffic originating from mobile devices will eventually exceed that of desktop computers connected to the Internet is on its way to a reality.

Mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets, now account for 7 percent of worldwide traffic on the Web, according to a report issued Tuesday by comScore, which monitors online trends. ComScore said this is the first year it has created a mobile report, so the company did not have information on the growth of mobile traffic in previous years.

ComScore found that 37 percent of cellphone traffic takes place over a Wi-Fi connection. That has continued to grow in recent years; the report noted that Wi-Fi traffic through mobile devices grew as much as 3 percent in the last three months alone.

Most startling among the mobile statistics is the disproportionate usage rate of Apple iPad owners. The report found that the iPad accounts for 97 percent of all tablet traffic in the United States. Analysts at IDC recently estimated Apple has sold 75 percent of all tablets. Apple said in July that it had sold close to 29 million iPads since the device went on sale in April 2010…
Click Here To Read The Rest Of  The NY Times Article.



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  1. thank you yes volume share of regular visitors as much as possible then that there is a desire blogger

  2. Great ways to increase traffic on a blog… Thanks for sharing these tips…

  3. Thanks It will surely help me iam getting just 100 Pageviews a day thanks a lot
    Himanshu´s last blog post ..Night At Evening In India’s Capital Delhi

  4. There are many ways to increase blog traffic, actually I think there are more than 50 different free strategies that can drive traffic to website. I definitely think that nobody should underestimate mobile marketing as web and mobile web are going to become one soon.

  5. Can you please share your other website? I just love your style.

  6. In Firefox you have the standard silver toolbars where the address bar and file/edit bars are there is the silver background. How do you customize and change that around?.

  7. Quality web traffic is an important factor required for the success of earnings from advertisement and affiliate marketing. Thanks for good sharing..

  8. It’s really nice.You are amazing.Good job dear.Carry on

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  10. Hi Vernette, Great post you have written here and wonderful tips of info. that all bloggers can really use to their benefit. I do think the video idea is a great one, and I should know… as I bought my blog a couple of years ago. With this blog in my contract I was to receive ALL YOUTUBE videos that the prior owner had up. Those videos were directed to my blog as you mention in your post…they brought me extra traffic and money!! All of a sudden about 3 months ago YouTube took my videos down and little did I know but at the same time my traffic started to dry up a little bit. So I will agree wholeheartedly with you about the videos and posts, backlinking ect. Since then I am trying to get in touch w/YouTube with no results, my next step will be an attorney as I would at least like a reason why they were taken down to begin with. Any ideas email me!!??? love your blog jj

    • Hi jj, Thanks. I absolutely love your blog too. We have to stay in touch. We create blogs and giving away established blogs too. So we have some things in common. Thanks for the visit. I really don’t understand why Youtube would take your videos down. Check out the Warrior Forum and ask some questions regarding that. The Warrior Forum is my guru. Before I invest in any products, services, software or just want some info, the Warrior Forum always comes through for me. Please let me know if you find any answers regarding Youtube.


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