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Coconut Oil – The Benefits Of Coconut Oil And Why You Should Start A Coconut Oil Business

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Coconut Oil – The Benefits Of Coconut Oil

coconut oilCoconut Oil

I created a video showing off a green coconut that my husband bought. I am a complete coconut junkie. Before I could save that video on a flash drive, that cheapo Hewlett Packard computer went blank. I think I have a Trojan Horse virus or something like that. We’ll see. I will add the video to this post as soon as I can retrieve that video.

So anyway, I was thinking of the benefits of coconut oil and also wondering what kind of post I could create that relates to business and a green coconut at the same time.

Well, I did some research, and found out that there are over 100,000 people every month searching for coconut oil products and also found out that there are hundreds of people seeking more information on starting a coconut oil business. So there you go…that gave me lots to talk about. The coconut oil business is not that saturated. So it’s a good niche market to consider.

The easiest way to venture into the coconut oil business is to become an affiliate of a company that would pay you a commission whenever someone purchases one of their products on your website. There are many companies like Solay that offers a coconut oil affiliate program. To find more affiliate programs on this subject just type the words, “coconut oil affiliate programs,” in the Google.com search engine and you would find several programs.

I found an article on a blog with a post that I felt was decent enough for me to currate…an article written about starting a Virgin Coconut Oil business, which I included in this post below.

I know how beneficial organic coconut oil, fresh coconut juice, fresh coconut jelly, etc is for the body because I live on this stuff. I used to pick coconuts straight from the tree in our yard back in the Caribbean. If I am going to fry chicken, fish, etc, I fry with coconut oil because I don’t feel as guilty about frying as I would with other oils. I know when I’m frying using coconut oil that I’m doing something that is beneficial to me despite the fat. That’s what I call good fat.

So if I’m going to increase my metabolism, why in the world would I use another oil that does absolutely nothing for me but add a few pounds to my waistline? Makes no sense. I recently learned that coconut oil can help with cancer prevention. I did not realize how high the demand for Virgin Coconut Oil is growing rapidly worldwide.

Coconut Oil – Start A Virgin Coconut Oil Business

coconut oilThe various health benefits one can get from using virgin coconut oil (VCO) make it an in-demand product worldwide. The discovery of the wonders VCO can do to one’s health is good news for everyone. It helps the people with illnesses and at the same time provides an additional source of income for some.

As virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fruit of the tree of life, people in areas that are abundant with coconuts can take advantage of another opportunity to earn money. The word another was used because chances are; the coconut tree has long been the source of income for these people. Virgin coconut oil production is just another welcome addition.

Small entrepreneurs can make their own virgin coconut oil and put them up for sale or use the VCO extract to create natural and earth friendly products such as soap, perfume, lotions etc.

The Virgin Coconut Oil market is huge as it caters not only to the local industries but to Western and European countries as well. The news and testimonial of the many benefits one can get by VCO use and consumption makes it a hot item for export.

Advantage of a Virgin Coconut Oil Business

The Virgin Coconut Oil has various uses (e.g. cooking oil, massage oil, natural health supplement, skin moisturizer, hair oil etc.)

Virgin Coconut Oil is an in-demand product worldwide
Virgin Coconut Oil is safe to use for people of all ages
Virgin Coconut Oil has long shelf life
Production cost is cheap

If you are thinking of starting a small coconut business, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Plan your move carefully before starting anything. Examine the time and resources you can devote to this business? Do you have enough capital? Consider your market. Know the skills, knowledge and equipment you will need to run the business. You may need to enroll in a VCO making seminar.

It is also essential that you make yourself aware of the health benefits of virgin coconut oil